The Hive Is The Best Place At OU To Do Homework
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The Hive Is The Best Place On OU’s Campus To Get Stuff Done

"The Hive is a modern coffeehouse where coffee is queen."

The Hive Is The Best Place On OU’s Campus To Get Stuff Done

The University of Oklahoma has been growing its campus dining options significantly in the 2018 to 2019 school year. The University added Credo Kitchen: a higher end casual dining experience where they make food to order. This is a huge improvement from couch restaurants or "the caf" which often serves less than ideal food. Glow Kitchen was also added on the south side of campus, and it provides food that is free of the top 8 allergens. Next to Glow Kitchen is the new dessert option called Milkflower Gelateria. In a neighboring building stands Basic Knead. Basic Knead is an Italian restaurant that cooks personalized pizzas as well as classic pasta dishes. Last, but definitely not least, The Hive resides in the same building as Basic Knead. It is a coffee house that is welcoming to everyone.

The Hive serves delicious coffee and tea as well as freshly baked pastries. The location is close enough to the freshman dorms that the walk to and from is refreshing and much needed. The Hive has indoor and outdoor seating with a variety of options such as booths, bar stools, and couches. The lighting is absolutely perfect for laptop users because it isn't bright enough to make your screen hard to read. The entire north wall is comprised of ceiling-to-floor windows with honeycomb designs printed on them.

If the aesthetic of the building and the good coffee isn't motivation enough for you to get all of your important work done, then you can always rely on the excellent choice of shows being played on the tv in the coffee house. The manager often plays loved shows such as The Office and FRIENDS. Taking a short break from your homework to watch Rachel make fun of Ross' job or to see Jim pull a prank on Dwight never fails to re-energize you. Most people know the plot of these classic shows, so watching a short clip doesn't turn into an investment where hours later you realize you haven't even started your homework.

The Hive's slogan is "The Hive is a modern coffeehouse where coffee is queen." This slogan is so fitting because of the correlation they are suggesting between coffee and a queen bee. A hive of bees must have a queen in order to survive and continue growing. The Hive's slogan is suggesting that coffee is essential for humans to survive and thrive. If you can't get your work done in The Hive's perfect environment, then good luck finding a place you can.

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