6 Moments We Remember As ‘The Hills’ Celebrates It's 10 Year Anniversary
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6 Moments We Remember As ‘The Hills’ Celebrates It's 10 Year Anniversary

RIP to our favorite show on TV.

6 Moments We Remember As ‘The Hills’ Celebrates It's 10 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that is has been 10 years (to the month) that "The Hills" first premiered on MTV. 10 years ago, Lauren Conrad packed up her BMW from her Laguna Beach home and moved to the city of Los Angeles to live out her dreams with her new BFF Heidi Montag. This was the second reality show to grace television, following in the steps of "Laguna Beach," the prequel to "The Hills." Throughout the six seasons of the show, we watched as relationships were made, destroyed, drama took over lives, jobs changed, break-ups happened and even plastic surgery changed the appearance of someone we watched every week. Devoted fans were invested in the lives of these characters, and even though in recent years it was confirmed that most of the show was staged, it is hard to believe and accept that everything we knew as real didn’t happen authentically. Still, real or fake, The Hills will always remain close to our heart and we will always remember the people who we invested so much time in. Here are some moments we will never forget:

Heidi’s Plastic Surgery

After 10 plastic surgeries in one day, Heidi’s appearance completely changed, and we were introduced to Heidi 2.0. How could we forget that awkward moment where Darlene (Heidi’s mom) told her that she didn’t look good. What a cringeworthy moment, that we all lived for.

Lauren and Heidi’s Fallout and the Sex Tape Rumor

The first reality show break-up. Lauren and Heidi’s friendship came to a halt when Lauren found out that Heidi and Spencer were spreading rumors that Lauren and her ex-boyfriend, Jason, made a sex tape. This is where the infamous line came from “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you.”

Speidi’s Wedding

We never thought it would happen, but Heidi and Spencer finally said “I do.” The wedding was without a doubt filled with drama, with Lauren surprising Heidi and Kristen surprising everyone else. This indeed was Lauren’s last scene and Kristen’s entrance into the show.

Spencer’s Breakdown

Before he was kicked off the show, Spencer was seen having mental breakdowns regularly. Turning to crystals for help, Spencer was losing it, with everyone. He even turned on his sister Stephanie. Hopefully they are doing better today.

Audrina and Justin Bobby

The whole relationship was a roller coaster, but we saw that Audrina loved with all her heart. They had many ups and downs, but at the end of the day, they did make our hearts melt.

Lauren and Audrina Reconcile and the Single Black Tear Falls

With Lauren and Audrina agreeing to repair their friendship, Lauren let one single black tear run down her cheek. Only Lauren Conrad could do this, gracing us with the classiest and most dramatic cry of all time.

There are so many more moments to remember. Basically every scene was important and life changing for viewers. The Hills will forever live in our hearts and minds, but luckily these people are still around and doing great things. But we will always think of this group of friends as living in the hills.

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