The Hate Debate
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The Hate Debate

It doesn't matter who won the debate...we're still doomed.

The Hate Debate

On Monday night, Americans gathered around and watched as two venomous snakes argued over which one had less venom. Not sure where I'm going at with this? Then allow me to translate: Americans gathered and watched as Hilliary Clinton took on Donald Trump to see who was the lesser of two evils. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Monday's presidential debate was entertaining, to say the least. Clinton and Trump went back and forth on issues plaguing our country today and in the end, Trump showed us why Hillary Clinton would be a much better leader for this country than he would be.

Throughout each topic, Clinton and Trump went back and forth with each other like two kids bickering over whose better. As expected, Donald Trump was up to his usual childish antics as he would cut in anytime Hillary Clinton would speak on one of his policies. And anytime the regulator would try to move on to the next question, Trump would raise his voice and continue talking to make sure America will know what outlandish comment he had to say next.

The topics of the debate ranged on many of the concerns facing America today. When it came to jobs, Clinton purposed more jobs in infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, and giving families paid leave. Meanwhile, Trump gave us the usual "Stop letting China steal from us!" rant as well as promising to lower taxes for businesses.

Then on to the topic of taxes for the wealthy. While Clinton promised equally tax distribution amongst all classes, Trump, being a rich ma�n of course, refused to cut any taxes for the wealthy.

And finally, the most sensitive topic of the night was race relations in America. This was the category where Clinton proved to be the clear cut winner of this debate. While she purposed criminal justice reform, community outreach, and gun control, Trump proposed to bring back stop and frisk (which was proven to be unconstitutional), and protecting inner cities where he has investments in.

Hillary Clinton proved to be the clear cut winner of this debate, but in the end, America has to be the biggest loser from this whole presidential race. With lies and secrets surrounding Clinton, and controversy and bigotry surrounding Trump, it is clear that American people will be picking posiion in this upcoming election. After this debate, all Clinton has done was show us that we will just be getting less poison from her.

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