Like a revolving door, life has a way of coming at you in all directions.

You build walls to protect yourself but after a while, they begin to crumble.

You try to preach positivity and better yourself so maybe one day it will come out even.

Sometimes you feel like a blind man who's destination isn't for miles. Then other days you feel like a maple tree with roots so deep no one will ever be able to shake you. You change like the seasons; some warm and crisp, others barren and cold.

You sink back and wonder who you are…. however, this world is one you will never fully know.

You are so many things, so the question you ask is like an open-ended book with so many meanings it could hold.

I know you want an answer for it will make your comfort grow, but don't you see there is really none to be told.

So embrace all that you are, every piece; dark shades and light. Let yourself grow, learning to weather even the darkest days.

You're scared of the shadows inside you I can feel it, I am as well, I think we all try to hide it. But the light would not exist without its opposite foe. So just know for every ounce of what is a hard pill to swallow, the light in this world will only be soon to follow.