Why Every Girl Needs A Hobby

Why Every Girl Needs A Hobby

It is time to explore certain things we may be good at, and time to start getting to know ourselves a little bit better

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To The Girl Who Needs a Hobby

First of all, let's just clarify and say that you are perfect the way you are. You will ALWAYS be perfect. No matter what you do. You don’t need to strive to be someone you are not and pretend to be interested in certain things only to gain acceptance from this world. You are WONDERFUL no matter what you do. And what you do doesn’t define you.


Every lady deserves to wake up each and every morning with passion in her heart, joy in her very lungs, and excitement in her bones to make a change in this world.

This one’s for you.

Hobbies don’t define who you are and who you were created to be, your identity will always remain the same. Hobbies definitely help stir up a passion deep within you. This passion gets you excited about life, and waking up in the morning becomes a little bit easier. You were created to be unique, so why don’t you just rock it? Whatever that looks like. Go after your dreams. Go after the desires of your heart. Do not ignore them. So, what are you good at? What are you truly passionate for? Do you want to see this world changed through music? Maybe you have an eye for creation and you should pick up that camera of yours that has been laying around for over a year. Maybe you are passionate about helping people, so why not volunteer somewhere? Maybe you love doodling in your journal, and you’re really good at it. How about using that creative hand of yours and start moving forward? MAKE ART. Maybe you’re really good at singing and you are too afraid to sing in your local church. PUSH yourself. Whatever that may look like. Hobbies take time, dedication, being pushed out of your comfort zone, and being bold. Practice makes perfect. So if you enjoy something, why not invest in it a little bit more? You will see change; don’t give up when it’s hard.

The reason hobbies are so important is the fact that it will bring out special talents that lie within you that you maybe didn’t even think were that special in the first place. If you start to chase after what you are passionate about, the desires in your heart, other people will feel encouraged to do that same thing for themselves. If you go after that one thing, (or maybe there are multiple) it will bring a tremendous amount of joy to your very life. You will start to feel alive. And that right there makes a huge change in this world.

It is time to start putting things aside that aren’t challenging us, and or pushing us to our fullest potential. It is time to explore certain things we may be good at, and time to start getting to know ourselves a little bit better. The reason I say this is because we live in a culture where technology has become priority over all. We start to lose ourselves in the mix of things that are not even that important. We start to become obsessed with what other people are doing over social media and how many likes we are getting on a picture. We start to get lazy and become less passionate about what really matters. It is time to start being productive, and it is time to start using our creativity to help better the world and most importantly, our very own well-being. I encourage you to try it- step out, and try something new. You may be surprised.

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