I love home. I always have and I always will. Now, I am not talking about the difference between home and house and all that nonsense. My home is my house and I love it. It is where my parents are, where my sister sometimes is, and where I grew up and have lived all my life. When I was a college freshman, I was so excited to live on campus at my university. I wasn’t the type of kid who wanted to get away from home. I just liked that everything was a walk away since I didn’t have a car or even license for that matter. I think going home my first weekend of college showed that I didn’t just want to get away from my parents.

Fast forward to three years later: I didn’t know that I could love home any more than I already did. Now you may think, "Wow! No wonder. You are about to graduate college. Adulting would most definitely make you love home more because you are going to have to start your life." But I have always loved home (and I am going to grad school). My parents were shocked when I came home for only three weekends last semester. This semester is a different story. As much as I love being able to walk to Starbucks when I want to, I would rather be at home. I am just over dorm living and college campus life. I have never been one for going out, rebelling against my parents, or anything that would be encouraged by living at school. I just love being at home with my parents. My favorite kind of nights are the nights where I stay up way too late watching “American Ninja Warrior” re-runs or get a ton of movies from the library and watch them with my mom. I never really had that head-butting stage where I don’t get along with my mom. I have always talked to her about EVERYTHING and always spent weekends with her.

So maybe this has been me explaining that my mother is my best friend and I never hated her. But seriously…I love her. While my sister spent her teen years hanging with friends and going to sleepovers, I truly spent my weekends with my mother (while my sister was a teen and when I was a teen as well). I have no regrets. So as I sit here writing this at 2:30 a.m. when I should actually be sleeping so I can get up for my 10:20 class tomorrow, I am truly wishing I was in my bed at home watching movies with my mom. I love home so much! I am blessed by God with a great home and I will definitely spend a ton of time in it. Maybe home is a feeling and not a place for some, but for me, it is definitely a place with the people I love. I am the girl who loves home and will not apologize for it!