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The Gate

How did "In God We Trust" became "In Politics we Distrust"?

The Gate

In the 1970s two reporters from the Washington Post, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, exposed one of the largest scandals in the history of American politics. Their reporting of the story would go to be chronicled in the books, All the President's Men (the book and the film), The Final Days and Last of the President's Men. What both of these men unwittingly managed to do though, was make the 1970s the last time much of the American public trusted politicians again.

During the decades since then, it seems as though this is a standard that many politicans have proven this more and more. With President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, it was Lewinskygate, the scandal of Dan Rather and how President George W. Bush served in the armed force; the name was Rathergate.When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's political scandal began which is more commonly referred to as Bridgegate. While the documents involved in Rathergate were fake; the controversy they created was quite unsettling.

One thing that stops a person is a gate, but often gates have locks that can be unlocked. In the case of politics having "gate" on your resume makes you more of a risk than the housing market in 2008. "Gates" are what make and/or break a person's political career, and for this election that is exactly what happened.

Something like this brings up the question of whether or not the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump is going to be filled with "gates". These political landmines are all over the place and can usually come in the form of a shady business deal, a lobbyist trying to do more than lobby, or a reporter going just a bit too far on a story. That last one stems fro journalist Edward r. Murrow, and the end of Joesph McCarty as well as the Red Scare.

The real question about "gates" is; can America handle any more of them? In this world of climate change and the question whether or not it is real, or the issue of whether or not everything President Obama did needs to be repealed.

This election was horrible in the fact that both presidential candidates had more faults than California. For Hillary Clinton, the fact that she was found not guilty of a federal crime brought out the suspicion that people have for politicians. Since Donald Trump wasn't being accused of such a crime it was a clear choice for voters because for the negative of Trump, in its own way, balanced out into a positive.

For example, since he is a businessman with a net worth of over 3.5 billion dollars he doesn't owe anyone a favor. The only "Gate" that could come out of a Donald Trump' presidency is something to do with the wall separating Mexico and the United States of America, his foreign policy in concern with China which may or may not send us into a state of isolationism. and finally any of his off-color remarks towards African Americans, Latinos/as, Muslims, Or any other minority residing in or out of the United States.

The problem with "gates" is that in the terms of American politics, depending on who is the person involved with the scandal, then the result of it goes either national or global. One can only hope that this presidency isn't marred with the political unrest of the last eight years. Though, seeing as how all three branches of the US Government are controlled by the Republican Party this is impossible.

Only time can tell what is going to happen with the presidency thought it could be a while before another "gate" happens. But for now, people just sit back with skeptical eyes and see what is going to happen.

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