Dear friends who may be reading this,

You probably are going on with your life like normal without thinking you did anything to the people who were once in your life. There have been lots of people that came and gone in your life that you eventually forgot about, but that's not what I'm talking about. People come and go in our lives all the time and if we remembered absolutely everyone that was in our lives, our brains would pretty much explode. What I'm talking about are the friends you willingly chose to cut out of your life for any petty reason you may have (not for legitimate reasons, but for petty reasons).

People come into our lives for a reason, whether it is to make our lives better or to teach us a lesson, and lots of those people come into your lives for the purpose of making our lives better. I'm always grateful about the friends that come into their life, even the ones that were legitimately toxic to me and had to cut out because they taught me a lesson. What makes me question how many people function when it comes to human interaction is how people can be so cruel that the friends who have done nothing but amazing things for them are just left to the side like their action's don't matter to anyone.

I'm going to admit, I still get confused by this kind of change because I've been so used to people leaving me for no reason that having even one permanent friend can make me feel like the most special and important person in the world. I would do everything I can to make sure they stay and keep me in their life. That's why when people cut me out of their life or even stop talking to me, my self-esteem is destroyed and I don't know if I could trust anyone anymore.

I know that everyone has lives and they don't have time to keep in touch with every single person in their lives. I understand that; I don't have the energy to keep in contact with absolutely everyone either. What I'm saying is that why would someone just cut someone out who never did anything toxic to them in the first place? It confuses me to no end and I still don't know why.

Everything changes, and in the end, the ones that truly matter will stick with you in the end, and that right there is the thing. Once you cut someone out for a petty reason, you will be seen as much lower than they once saw you. I'm not expecting you to come back, but I am expecting you to learn about thankfulness. Friends absolutely do come into your life for a reason, and when you give up on the friends that made your life better, it will only be out that will be hurt in the end.