The feel of your hug,

I miss it so much.

Warm and snug,

On a cloudy day, it was the perfect touch.

The sight of your smile,

I loved it dearly.

As big as the sun and as bright as the emerald isle,

No one had ever seen anything so cheery.

The smell of your cologne,

it still lingers.

Comforting and, to us, homegrown,

when it wafts by our noses, it is an acceptable stinger.

The taste of your milk-chocolate fudge,

made you a surprisingly successful cook.

Rich and delicious would be the opinion of any good judge,

it would have been legendary in a recipe book.

Lastly, the sound of your laughter,

still echoes in my ears.

So joyous and genuine, many said it was sought after

because it could eliminate all fears.

The feel of your hug -

The sight of your smile -

The smell of your cologne -

The taste of your fudge -

The sound of your laughter -

Forever in my heart,

From here on and after.