The Fight In Love

Things got out of hand and the night ended in tears. I was doubtful, not knowing if we could really make it or if we'd end up breaking up. This was a Monday night, after the weekend of prom. At our senior prom, you were dancing even if I wasn't out there with you. You were dancing like the world was gonna end soon.

You didn't care what people thought, so when you asked me to dance with you on that last slow dance, I couldn't wait. I don't remember what the song was, but I knew everything in this moment was perfect. You know those moments on tv when a couple will be dancing and there will be other people around, but then the camera will move and suddenly its just the couple dancing? That's what it felt like.

In that moment of the slow song, it felt as if time had stopped and it was just us there. Nothing else mattered, not your younger sister and her new boyfriend, not the girl slow dancing for the first time with someone as a senior, not the two boys making fun of couples, not the other two couples that have been dating longer than us. All that mattered at that moment was you and me.

I remember talking during that 3-minute song, how much different our lives would be in a few short months, with college. I remember saying how I loved you so much and I was blessed to be yours. I remember you staring at me with that stupid loving glaze! But most importantly, I remember crying because of how much I loved you, how amazing you were, how I never wanted to let you go. I remember crying because it felt like we were doing our first dance as a married couple, even though we were only dating for two years and nine months.

The Monday after prom you had come over for an FFA banquet I had. That night things took a turn for the worse and I was doubtful. I was crying because I didn't think we'd make it. A couple that had been dating longer than us that I looked up to broke up, if they broke up we could too.

We've been fighting this fight for nearly two years, it was one of those times I was broken and I couldn't go on. However, you encouraged me to keep going by telling me how you loved you, and how you knew I was strong enough to fight. It was perfect, but it still hurt. This fight never seemed to get healed, no matter how hard we tried or how hard we prayed.

Today, I was reading a book written by Steven Curtius Chapman, and there was a line in it that caught my attention. It basically said how some things can't always be fixed, but there are some things you just have to deal with. What would life be without suffering? We as humans can't expect all of our problems to go away. So yes, I may have flaws, but because we are not meant to be perfect, this is okay.

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