Natural Sign: Leo

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Quadrant: 2nd (Bottom Right)

House Type: Succedent Spirit

Represents: children, creativity, entertainment (sports, games, etc.), hobbies, romance.

“Fun” is the keyword for the Fifth House. This is the area of enjoyment, elation, leisure, letting yourself loose. This is the house of youth, the house of play, the house without rules. The sign and planet associated with the Fifth House are Leo and the Sun. You get to express yourself to your content and let go of everything that bogs you down. No matter how much you love to work, or how hard you feel you should work, you have to give yourself “me time.” That’s why the Sun rules your confidence, you ego, and your “self”: it’s all about you, about giving yourself the attention that you need (and definitely deserve). For anyone familiar with the show Parks and Recreation, think of this as your “Treat Yo’ Self” house. The Fifth House is where you get to celebrate life.

Most people who have gone through their teen years are familiar with dating. The process of learning about romance with other people goes hand in hand with the Fifth House vibe. It differs from the intimacy of the Seventh House: dating is more related to passion and the fun of learning new things about someone else. Despite the dating scene being one of enjoyment, each person’s way of dealing with it depends on the sign and planets in the Fifth House and how (s)he expresses that energy. With Cancer in this house, someone can have a nurturing or clingier approach to dating, whereas Aquarius here leads her to be detached and aloof towards significant others. Neptune here can bring someone to be unrealistic or highly romantic as a significant other; in contrast, Saturn here can make someone stern or responsible in romance, or make him/her avoid dating, altogether. A person with Pisces and the Moon in the Fifth House would be empathetic to significant others to the point where he puts their feelings above his own.

The purpose of having hobbies is to do something we love for leisure. Everyone has at least one hobby, whether it’s reading, kayaking, daydreaming or reading epitaphs on headstones. Everyone’s definition of entertainment is unique, and no method of having fun is better than the other. Talking, writing stories, reading magazines, and learning random trivia can be enjoyable to Gemini Fifth House. However, Libra Fifth House might have more fun attending a play, going to a beauty salon, or spending time with a spouse. Jupiter here means having many hobbies (sometimes too many), while Pluto can mean becoming obsessed with a hobby or taking it to the next level. Aries Venus in the Fifth House can result in having a love of sports, exercise, and other activities that keep one moving. Leo Mercury in the Fifth House can mean hobbies include acting or writing plays.

Playing is the purpose of the Fifth House, and no one knows the importance of play more than children. This house not only reveals the ways in which we play, but also the ways we relate to children, and our general attitudes towards them. Can you flawlessly join their games, or do you feel like a kitten in a litter of wolf cubs? Are they blessings or little night terrors? You may find them very smart, overly messy, or harshly critical (Virgo)1. Or maybe you think children are hard workers, wiser than their years, or a little too pessimistic (Capricorn). The moon here creates someone who’s a child at heart, or someone who’d love to become a parent. Mars here would find kids to either be bundles of energy or hot-tempered tyrants. Ironically, what we think about kids can say a lot about how we have a good time.

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1No placement only goes one way; it’s more complicated than that. And remember, no matter what astrological placements you have, you always have free will.