The Enlightened Oath of Allegiance

The Enlightened Oath of Allegiance

Technocrats and Meritocrats Must Enlighten Themselves To Their Role In The Revitalization Of American Democracy

Military and Intelligence agencies, among numerous other institutions of the United States, see themselves as being legitimized by their merited skills and technical capabilities. Their oaths are to transcended ideals, not any one individual or ideology. This is a respectable position but one that must be objectively earned. If the military and intelligence agencies are the honorable technocrats and meritocrats they claim to be, then they must call for new elections for presidency of the United States and of other elected positions like Congress and state/local officials. The scenario of new elections could be as simple as reordering the two nominees that were calculated to have been counterparts: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the two decisions on actual direction of the sustainability of the Union. Just as the decision of the 1900 election decided the choice in direction of the United States character following the Spanish American war between the presidency of William McKinley or William Jennings Bryan; so too is the ideas of a Trump-Sanders election.

A military coup is not an acceptable answer. The direct democratic authority of the nation is inherent in the Constitution as a legal document. The threat of recent deregulations revolving climate protection is a direct threat to national security and the survival of the human species. The failures and crimes of foreign ventures such as bombings in Iraq are warranting of immediate investigation and dramatic reassessment. The terrorist threat of white supremacy has become undeniable in social discourse as a direct threat to the security of persons. The economic kleptocratic decisions of the current administration is threatening to siphon hundreds of billions of dollars away from the citizenry. Which also threatens to destabilize and destroy dozens of institutions of culture and knowledge, a crime denounced during the Nuremberg Trials. And the attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act would have resulted in numerous deaths of the citizenry. The arbitrary concepts of power that assert their current authority are extremely illusory and largely illegitimate. As mentioned in previous writings, the current Trump administration, Congress, and soon to be Supreme Court has little legitimacy when fully analyzed as an institutional government. Their means of gaining power was arguably achieved through a slow motion coup d'état: whether it was the corrupt electoral college that bypassed the national vote, the gerrymandering of congressional districts, the evidence of nationwide voter suppression on all levels, the illegitimacy of the appointed Supreme Court nominee made by the 45th president rather than the 44th president to whom the seat space became void, and the immense moneyed interests active throughout elections of all forms.

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Loyalty to the Constitution is loyalty to the American People; all peoples, not an elite few. Let us revitalize our democracy by removing gerrymandering from all district on all levels of governments, holding new elections, removing all money from the political process, ensuring the security of persons to all peoples, rejuvenating our environment, guaranteeing the right to vote for all, reassessing all foreign ventures, making healthcare a universal right, and democratizing the economy. The game of power must end, it is time for the peoples of the United States to mature for the sake of survival.

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Mass Shootings And Masculinity Go Hand In Hand

What we're not talking about.

Nineteen mass shootings. Nineteen mass shootings have happened since January 2018 and we’re only in the middle of February. This past shooting at Parkland high school really hit me hard. As I saw the victims of the shooting they reminded me of the kids that I went to high school with. One of the victims was apart of her high school’s color guard and I thought about how much I loved guard when I was in high school. I connected with her.

I saw the videos posted on Snapchat of what the students actually experienced and shed tears with my hand covering my mouth from shock. I saw how insanely graphic the scene was and how being there physically can traumatize one for the rest of their life. No one should have to go through this.

The debates on tv include those of gun control and mental health. On social media, different countries are being thrown around as examples for both stricter gun control, and the allowance for more guns. I also see how the shooter was seen as “mentally ill”, and the stigmatization of those who have mental health issues are dangerous is furthered. The one issue that no one is talking about that plays a huge role in these mass shootings in masculinity.

A large majority of these shooters are white men. While these shootings are also a racial issue I’m going to focus on the gender issue. From a young age, men are exposed to what society deems as masculine. Media hypermasculinized everything to the point where it’s ridiculous. Don’t believe me? Look up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and see how ridiculously buff they are. They’re cartoon turtles, yet the societal standard of masculinity applies to them.

Even when it comes to toys the commercials for nerf and water guns show only males. Showing that guns are masculine. Young boys are raised to engage in masculine activities or they’re isolated socially and emotionally. Even when young men are engaging in “masculine” activities they still may not be good enough. Getting angry, being the bad boy, having a temper are seen as “cool” traits that males desire to have in order to give themselves an edge.

Now most young boys go through this, and masculinity is not the main factor in mass shootings but it is still a factor. It is a factor that we need to consider because eliminating any factor that helps to produce a mass shooter can help save lives.

Cover Image Credit: Brooke Cagle

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Analyzing The Situation In South Africa

South Africa is in a tenuous position after President Jacob Zuma resigns from office.

Countries across the world were surprised this Valentine’s Day by sudden news out of South Africa. President Jacob Zuma, also head of his own party, the African National Congress, resigned after being mired in a corruption scandal for weeks.

As a politician, Zuma has been no stranger to controversy, having earned for himself the nickname, “The Teflon President,” due to his ability to dodge backlash from multiple scandals throughout his presidency. Why then, did he feel the need to resign?

Zuma faced pressure from the members of the ANC, calling for him to step down after numerous scandals continued to destroy the credibility of the party and undermine support. Some of the scandals include Zuma’s refusal to repay millions in public funds that were spent on refurbishing his lavish homestead. He has also faced criticism and scrutiny in the decades since a controversial arms deal back in the 1990s.

Opposition party leader and longtime critic of Zuma, Mmusi Maimane, stated his relief at the President’s resignation, saying that Zuma has long been, “…a one-man wrecking ball to our economy, our country.”

Maimane also stated his party’s intent to put forward a candidate shortly to oppose acting president Cyril Ramaphosa, who Maimane’s Democratic Alliance views as an unworthy and incorrect choice to lead South Africa.

South Africa’s future is altogether uncertain and the situation has likely confused many countries around the world, leaving them unsure as to what the outcome will be. Only time will tell and the country is sure to struggle with its leadership in the coming weeks.

It will be up to the citizens of South Africa to remain calm, focused, and secure in their beliefs during the current situation.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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