The End Of Winter Break As A Freshman

The End Of Winter Break As A Freshman

Falling in and out of old routines.


After a few weeks home to rest and rejuvenate after full semester, it is time to go back and start all over for Spring semester. The beginning of spring semester brings new classes, new people, new weather, and new opportunities.

In some ways, moving in for the spring feels similar to how moving into college felt. The days of winter break have been spent the with family and friends from home and as the days go by it starts to feel like you never really left... That is until you have to start packing your bags again and saying your goodbyes.

I can't speak for everyone, but as much as I love being at school there are certainly times when I miss home. Whether it is missing my dog, my friends, my family, or just the basic comforts of my favorite iced coffee shops- I admit to having the occasional homesickness. Due to this, it was easy for me to fall back into my old routine when I returned home for break. My best friends and I would show up at each other's houses unannounced and my mom would wake me up with my usual coffee and bagel order. Being at home again, for me, was easy and comfortable.

However, the problem is not a matter of falling back into the old routine but rather breaking that routine all over again. I found it almost as hard to say my goodbyes the second time around.

As I said goodbye to my dad before my mom and I left, he told me how sad he was to see me go. Just like when my parents dropped me off in the fall, my mom had tears in her eyes leaving. My first night at school my dad sent a video in the family group chat of my dog sniffing around my room, presumably looking for me. My friend group got together the night before I left to say goodbye, again. It is easy to forget that it is not just you that feels like you are leaving all over again.

On the bright side, going back to school for the second semester is a lot less scary than the first time around. There are things to look forward to like reuniting with friends and becoming re-involved in your campus activities. Whereas when you first moved into school all of these things were concerns whirling through your head. It is likely you have already, or at least started to, find your place at school and therefore you are going back to fall back into another one of your old routines. This time you have an idea of what to expect and have a certain degree of comfort. When you get back to campus it, too, feels like you never left.

Though the moving in and out of school brings about spells of homesickness, whether it is missing home or missing school, I feel lucky to have my two different little worlds between the two. Every time there is sadness of leaving one place, there is the excitement of going back to the other.

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7 Reasons I Hate Winter (Beyond Just 'It's Cold')

I hate winter and there are a lot of reasons why.

Winter. A lot of people love it and a lot of people hate it. There are not too many people that are somewhere in the middle grounds between love and hate. If you know me at all, you know that I am fully on the hate side. I hate winter and just about everything about it, and I hate it more and more as I get older (I am only 21, so that’s a problem for future 65-year-old me). Here is a list of reasons why I hate winter, and yes, it is for more reasons that “it’s cold.”

1. Ice.

This is probably the biggest reason that I hate winter. I hate ice with everything in my being. But I have good reason to hate it — I fell 4 years ago and broke my tail bone, like, snapped it in half. I currently have a bone floating and any amount of pressure on my lower back causes me to wince. Also, I have arthritis in my spine from that same fall--- I had a compression fracture in one of my disks and it healed wrong. Also, can I just mention how many accidents the ice causes? With cars, people, animals, etc.

Ice = disaster waiting to happen.

2. Everything takes longer.

Think about it, everything takes longer in the winter. You have to clear off your car before you can go anywhere, you have to layer on the clothes and winter gear before you can step outside. Winter shoes take much longer to put on than flip flops. You have to clear the drive way. You have to drive slowly DOWN the icy driveway (but quickly UP it). You get stuck in the snow/ ice. People drive like idiots when the roads are bad.

3. The cold.

I know that I said that this is not the primary reason I hate winter, but it is most definitely part of the reason I hate it. I can’t feel my face. I can’t feel my legs. I can’t feel my nose. My lungs get cold. My heart is cold and my soul gets cold. Any kind of heavy breathing due to those inclines or a stuffy nose/ sickness leads to a coughing fit due to cold weather. My left eye waters profusely when it is cold out — I don’t know why and I know this doesn’t happen to other people, but it has happened to

me as long as I can remember. I just tell people I am allergic to the cold. This eye-watering thing is a pain. It messes up my makeup. I get asked if I am crying so much that I want to cry. And one last thing, the runny noses. WHY!?! Why does my nose run from the cold? I’m constantly sniffling and if I have to look down when I go inside, I have to sniffle more and more because it won’t stop running.

4. The people who love winter.

Most of them get all pushy and tell me that I have to like winter. They get all cheery and say that it’s so pretty and beautiful and majestic. Stop it. You’re making me irritated with your positivity. I don’t push my love of summer all over you.

5. Season affective disorder (AKA seasonal depression).

I have this and I hate it (I haven‘t been diagnosed, but I am 99.999% sure). I am significantly sadder from about October until April. I am always tired. I have a lack of vitamin d and I get sad and numb. I don’t want to be outside. I don’t want to see other people very often. I don’t want to leave my warm bed. I just want to hibernate, drink hot cups of coffee, binge-watch "Law and Order: SVU," and read good books. And unless someone/ something (demands, etc.) stop me, I will hibernate like this. It’s miserable and I cannot stand it.

6. Daylight savings time.

Everything is dark all the time. It’s dark in the morning. And it’s dark again at 4:30 p.m. I just miss the daylight. That’s all. I am always tired because it is always dark. Ugh.

7. Snow.

It makes everything gray outside. Sure it’s white and pretty until someone walks or drives in it. It’s gray and miserable. It makes clearing off the car a pain. And it hides the ice.

These are some of the reasons that I hate winter and I have been counting down the days until spring since October. I just want the daylight and sunshine back.

Cover Image Credit: Edmund Gall

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This Is The Love-Hate Story Of Midwesterners And Snow

if you know, you know.


Snow, the true definition of love and hate.

If you grew up in the midwest, you know the feeling you got as a kid the night before a snowstorm. When you would stay up a little later in hopes that school will be canceled even before you go to bed. You know the feeling of waking up to a 2-hr delay and getting some extra sleep. Though nothing beat waking up to a closed school. You knew that meant more sleep and a day of sledding, and you were so there for it.

The love you wish to feel now. That your job will call and you just might not have to go in. The feeling of staying home and catching up on things there. Almost comforting that you'll get to sleep in a bit, in the middle of the week! Wow, what a feeling of joy that is. What love you have for the snow that you hope will be coming.

The heart-warming feeling you get as you watch the weather forecast and peep out the window to see snow gracefully falling down to save the day.

You go to bed, ready to receive that phone call the following morning, saying you get to stay home.

Then you wake up.

That's when the hate sets in. No phone calls. Not your school listed on the news as closed. You peek outside and see a thin layer of snow, filling you with disappointment. You know now, that you've been let down once again.

That promising day you thought you would have and then BOOM. You have to get ready for the day. Have to get ready to face the snow. You walk out and the bitter cold that would have brought you happiness at some point, slaps you in the face.

You don't know who to blame for this hurt you feel. The weatherman, that you literally don't know how they still have their job? Your school that decided it was worth the risk? Yourself, for thinking it could actually happen?

That moment where it felt like you were the only school that didn't get closed, just like when you were a kid, the disappointment sets in… no betrayal hurts more than that.

You know now that your butt is the one that will have to walk, what feels like 5 miles, to a class that you don't understand how you even got stuck taking it. All because you hoped that wishing for snow would save the day.

The realization sets in that what you once thought was full of joy and activities, is no longer that for an adult.

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