The End Of The Semester As Told By 'One Tree Hill'

If you're a college student, you're probably experiencing the awful symptoms that come with being at the end of the semester. While this should be a time for relief and celebration, the overwhelming amount of papers, presentations, projects, and exams looming in the near future makes that impossible. It's a stressful time. If you're like me and appreciate anything related to the show 'One Tree Hill', you might feel a little bit better seeing the end of the semester as told by your favorite OTH characters:

1. Exhaustion isn't just a feeling, but a constant state of being

You would take about 4 naps per day if you had the time.

2. You're almost always on the verge of the mental breakdown but try your best to keep it together

Calm on the outside, crying on the inside.

3. Every day feels like a Monday

Why dread Monday when you can just dread every day?

4. Remembering when your parents told you that everything will turn out okay...

Thanks for nothing, Mom.

5. Trying to calculate what you need to get on the final in order to pass the class

Wow, that's a lot more impossible than I thought it was going to be.

6. The thought of break helps you get through the day

The countdown of the days until school is over is the only thing keeping me going.

7. No matter how much you study, you know those exams are going to hurt

Because taking a test is never a fun time.

8. Looking at your planner and seeing all the stuff you have to do

That's one long to-do list...

9. Wondering if a full night of sleep was ever really a thing

Sleep was just an illusion.

10. Realizing that professors are being incredibly vague and unhelpful in regards to final assignments

How am I suppose to do well on this if I don't know what I'm supposed to do?

11. Sensing impending failure

That "I'm going to fail everything" attitude is setting in.

12. Feeling irritated at everyone for no reason

It's not that I hate you specifically, it's just that I hate everything right now.

13. Feeling all the schoolwork turn your brain into mush

You can't even remember your own name after all that studying.

14. When someone asks you how life is going:

It's just going that great.

15. Wanting to be lazy but knowing that you can't

Your self-control has never been stronger.

16. Thinking you're ahead on schoolwork just to realize that you're actually behind

One of the most heartbreaking moments a college student can encounter.

17. Letting yourself eat whatever you want because stress

I deserve to eat fast food every day now, right...

18. Trying to convince yourself not to care about grades anymore...

Peyton here has the right idea.

19. ...But eventually reminding yourself to keep a positive attitude

Though this is a stressful time, you have to try your best be positive.

The characters in 'One Tree Hill' definitely all went through their fair share of rough spots, but in the end, everything turned out fine. Even though the end of semester is not the best time because of the overwhelming amounts of schoolwork, it doesn't last forever. Break is just around the corner.

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