The End of the Semester as Told By Disney Memes

Ahhh yes the end of the year! Finally this magical time has come around and its almost summer. This lovely time of the year is full of stress, Netflix-binging, and eating your feelings. So, sit back and enjoy these Disney memes about the end of the semester.

1. Stress-eating

I mean..this is pretty accurate. I relate to the Beast in this meme wayyyy too much. You either eat your all your feelings or avoid food like the Plague. What do you do?

2. Mental Breakdown

When you absolutely lose your mind and go a little crazy out in public and someone gives you the eye and a look to say "what's wrong with them?" Yeah.

3. The Dumb Questions

This is either you or your friend (could honestly be both). You ask one another a question that has a very obvious answer. Basically, these are the questions that result in a giant face palm.

4. Everyone on Campus

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. I relate to Scar way more than I should. He hates everyone around him and has absolutely no time for any bull-crap (aka nonsense).

5. Rainy & Humid Days

This one goes out to anyone who has evil baby hairs like me that do their own thing when its rainy and/or humid!

6. Food... Again

Yes, we are back to food. Just relate to know you do!

7. Attitude

Your life is falling apart, your constant mood is stress, and you believe everyone around you is an idiot. You do not care. You can barely handle your own struggles, nevermind anyone else's!

8. Working Out

You know you should work out. You know you should put down that chocolate or peanut butter, but why? You need something to help keep you from crying.

9. Being Dramatic

You become very sensitive and get upset over everything. Being hungry makes you ready for death....especially if your dining hall is not open past 6pm on weekends!

10. The End

It's finally the end. You've made it through! It's time to celebrate! Break out the sparkling grape juice (or cider), and apples and cheese! Congratulations on finishing your next year at college and have a great summer!

This is just for fun and because I am obsessed with corny puns, jokes, memes, etc. Enjoy!

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