The End Of My "Adult" Summer
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Student Life

The End Of My "Adult" Summer

How working full time has rejuvenated my excitement to go back to school

The End Of My "Adult" Summer
Walter Ramirez

The end of August. The summer nights seem to be cooling off from July’s stifling heat, and each morning as I make my daily commute to work I notice more and more kids running to the school bus, book bags and lunch boxes in tow.

I used to dread this time of the year because I knew that soon again my mornings would be just like theirs. I would set my alarm for what seemed like the crack of dawn, and with each ring of its radar tone, I was forced to kiss my sweet, summer freedom goodbye.

But not this year. After working full time for my first “adult” summer, I can honestly and confidently say that I cannot wait to start classes again. I no longer have my usual feelings of total dread that come with the monotony of textbooks, assigned readings and late nights in the library; they have, instead, been replaced by feelings of excitement and relief.

OK so that might seem a little extreme and some of you are probably wondering what the heck kind of job did I work this summer, so let me clarify by saying that these past few months have been ones of substantial growth and experience for me. I moved into my first apartment, I worked an average 40 hour work week, I started watching "Orange is the New Black" and I even got to ride a Ferris wheel with my boyfriend. While not all of the things on this list are activities reserved for typical adults, I did take on a lot of new responsibilities while still finding small ways to enjoy my summer.

Through this experience I have learned that I am capable of being independent and taking care of myself. And, yes, after depositing my paychecks into my bank account every two weeks and seeing that I was actually making money, it was pretty tempting not to go blow it all on shoes and cookies. But I persevered and stuck to my budget, and although it slightly stung seeing such a large portion of those paychecks go toward my rent each month, I can’t deny the sense of pride I felt in providing for myself.

Even though I am proud of myself for working so hard, I have realized that I’m not quite ready to do only that for the rest of my life. So, as these summer nights begin to dwindle down, I can honestly say for the first time in a long time that I'm excited to start classes again. I might not be running to the school bus every morning, but I'll be sure to have a smile on the first day of classes, relieved to be a "kid" again.

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