The Election Is Over
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The Election Is Over

We already have a winner

The Election Is Over

There are approximately 80 days left until the general election, but it doesn’t matter. We already have a new president. All the pundits can stop writing about the battleground states, no one needs to hear about the polls anymore. There’s no reason grassroots activists should be pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into a campaign. It is all futile at this point.

Why? Because Hillary Clinton will be our next President of the United States.

As per my previous article, I laid out what Donald Trump had to do in order to effectively compete with the Clinton camp. This past week he proved that he cares nothing about winning, and chooses to stay his course that has put him behind Clinton in every key battleground state such as Pennsylvania.

If you didn’t know, Donald Trump’s campaign went through a major shake-up this week. After allegations of Ukrainian and Russian influence over his campaign manager Paul Manafort, Donald Trump chose to select the chairman of Breitbart news, Stephen Bannon, as his new campaign CEO. Don’t get me wrong, Bannon is a very intelligent conservative political player, but he is precisely what the Trump campaign does not need.

Bannon is a right-wing lunatic. If you choose to peruse Breitbart news, God help you, you’ll see that every article and news report is heavily biased towards Trump and usually include at least one farfetched conspiracy theory about Democrats or Clinton. His followers are religious, just like Trumps. He does not help the campaign at all, however he prevents Trump from moving forward towards the general election. With his help, things will only become more divisive, the language Donald Trump uses will become even more corrosive.

Not only has Stephen Bannon jumped aboard the Trump Train, but so too has Kellyanne Conway, the newly anointed campaign manager of the campaign. In an interview Thursday morning, Conway told CNN’s “New Day” that, Trump needs “to be comfortable about being in his own skin.” Before she was placed in her new role, Conway served as the campaign’s chief pollster and strategist.

So, to Donald Trump, it would be a great idea to select a chief pollster as his new campaign manager, despite the fact that he is consistently behind in every single poll in battleground states and across the nation as a whole. Add that to promotion of Trump being himself, plus Stephen Bannon’s radical nature, and you get a Trump campaign that will inevitably fail.

Looks like someone needs to Make the Trump Campaign Great Again.

A recent poll in Texas discovered that 60 percent of Texans would favor secession if Hillary Clinton becomes president. I hate to break the news to them, but Clinton will be overwhelmingly elected in the fall. As a conservative, it pains me to write that. Although, Don the Con has done all the damage himself. So come November, when Trump loses badly, myself and the other #NeverTrump conservatives will not be at fault. It will be Trump’s fault entirely.
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