Sometimes it's hard to let go of someone. Someone that was once so good but now it hurts to think about. Someone that constantly made you happy but now just makes you sad.

For girls, this someone is usually a guy.

When it's over, we may cry (a lot). The pain felt is one of loss and confusing, so it's completely understandable as to why the ending of a relationship is so emotional. "Am I not good enough?" "Why her and not me?" "Did I do something wrong?" The what-ifs are endless and that's when the anger starts to build.

We want the man that hurt us to feel the hurt he made us feel. Sometimes, we want him to suffer. Or, even worse, we want any girl after us to feel the same hurt. But at what cost?

Him experiencing pain won't lessen your own, that's a promise I can make to you. If you once loved or cared for him, no matter what you'll never want to see him hurt like that. And don't wish harm upon the next girl, either. Instead, hope that his time spent with you and learning from the mistakes of your relationship will help him to treat the next girl better. As girls, we should want all girls to be treated with respect by any and all men no matter what.

But he is not the only one who should use the mistakes of the relationship to his benefit. Use his mistakes as your guide; your guide to finding a man (not a boy) who will love you. A man who doesn't want to see you hurt. Find yourself a man who wants to stay because that's what you deserve.

Don't wish for him to come back. Why do you want to be with someone who can just walk away from you like that? Know your worth. Know that there is someone in this world that could never turn their back on you. Although you may not know him yet, I promise you will find him.

Don't let the ending of a relationship turn you into a vengeful person. Don't let the ending of a relationship ruin your soul or your spirit. Never wish bad upon someone because those are words you'll never get back. Time rewards you, so let fate do its thing. Be patient and I guarantee you'll be a lot happier with the results.

Always let love conquer hate, no matter how badly your heart hurts.