As many of you know, the Democratic primary has become one of the most heated and contested primaries in modern political history. An automatic coronation of Secretary Clinton would not have been good for her or the party. This contest has increased voter turnout, involvement, and has brought our party's issues to light. Regardless of the heated debates and aggressive disagreements, here is the Democratic primary explained by Hillary in GIFs.

1. The Announcement

2. The Opponent's Announcement

3. "Challenge Accepted"

4. Continues to Lead in the Polls

5. Dominates the First Debate

6. Kicks Ass at the Benghazi Hearing

7. Continues to Lead in the Polls

8. Wins Iowa and Nevada

9. Dominates in South Carolina

10. Kills Super Tuesday

11. "Hillary Only Wins Red States"...

[Wins Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Illinois as part of a five-state sweep.]

12. Creates a pledged delegate lead that makes it impossible to catch up

13. Bernie wins a strand of small, mainly white, caucus states...

Claims "momentum..." Claims he is "gaining..." Claims he is "making the Secretary nervous."

14. Hillary is "Unqualified"

15. Hillary is a "Democratic Whore"

16. Let the New York Primary begin

17. Wins New York by 16 points

18. Sits back, lets the next month play out

Based on math, there is no catching up now.

19. June 7th... projected the Democratic nominee

20. Here's to the general