The Degradation Of Society Is Happening Faster Than We Think

The Degradation Of Society Is Happening Faster Than We Think

The survival of a conservative in a degrading society


I don't quite know when this so-called 'degradation' began, yet it's here so we must deal with it the best we can individually.

Men are not dressing like men typically have for centuries. Just recently, a MAN was offended because he was called "sir" while dressed as a female in Gamestop. I'm just trying to figure out why these things are happening. In times like the 1950s, men dressed like men and women like women.

We did not have massive amounts of cases where people were accidentally misgendered. Organizations are worried because they may be targeted for gender reasons. This past year, The Boy Scouts decided to go ahead and allow female participation as well as change their name. California, for example, has now decided to lead the nation in using "X" as an option on birth certificates. You are no longer required to be declared a gender at birth.

The fact is, society is not what it used to be. In the 1952 film "Singing In The Rain" Gene Kelly, the lead actor did many things that are uncommon today. He held the umbrella for his date, he walked his date to her door, and he opened the door for her. As minute as these things seem today, they were once a constant form of behavior for gentlemen. This is not just a form of behavior that is required of gentlemen though. Opening the door for someone behind you

Society as a who has definitely changed though. Being a 22-year-old college student I've seen classmates become married, divorced. and even have children. I'm not saying that all of these things are bad because they aren't. It's the order that most of the things happen. Children are born into unwed families that soon dissolve or cease to exist after the birth of the child.

These things do not usually affect the child, in fact, some children born in broken homes have been quite successful including; Adele, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, and Rihanna. The fact is most kids should not have to go to a different home on Christmas or figure out who's house to visit first on other holidays. Some do not even have that luxury, some children never gain a relationship with one or both parents. These are sad and tragic events that are more common in society now, than before.

Relationships also differ for courtships in the past. Couples break up, get back together, begin seeing other people, and some now even have "open relationships". I personally know someone who is in a relationship, in which they declared the relationship was ended, yet they were back together within two weeks.

That persona now claims they have been with their partner for 6+ months...Yeah, OK. Divorce is also more socially acceptable now than before. In times like the 1960s, you almost never heard of divorce or parental separations. Yet today, you can rarely meet someone who has never experienced a divorce in their family.

The times are definitely changing, but is it for the better?

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It's Time For PATH Points To Get A Makeover

The PATH point system isn't fair at the University of Dayton.


Two years ago I wrote an article on PATH points where I defended the system. While I still believe that the PATH point system is better than the lottery system at other schools, but after almost three years at UD I can recognize the many many faults with PATH points. It's nice to have the control over where you live, but what use is the control when the system is so flawed?

The PATH point system works like this: whenever you go to an event or do an online module you get a point. The more points you have the higher you and your roommates are placed on the list to be assigned housing. Sounds good right? Control over where you live? Who wouldn't want that? The problem is it's hard to get PATH points.

There are only so many events each week and each event has a limit to how many people can go to it. Events fill up so quickly that students have to arrive over an hour and in some case even two hours early. It means that it's not just a one-hour event anymore it's a three-hour event. It's ridiculous that students have to wait in a crowded hallway for over an hour just to be unsure if they will actually be able to get into the event or not.

What's worse is the times that PATH point events are held at. At least half of the events take place during class time. How can UD expect their students to get PATH points and go to class? It's like they are rewarding students who take fewer credits with better housing than students who take more credit hours. And like I mentioned earlier the events that are at night mean that students have to get there almost two hours early just to get in.

It's not just the fact that students have to go to hours early to an event. It's that students who have busy schedules can't make it to these events. PATH points should be awarded for reasons other than going to events. Students should get PATH points based on how many credit hours they are taking. Every three credits should be worth one PATH point. PATH points should be awarded based on how many activities a student is involved in. For each club or organization someone is involved in they should get a PATH point, and leaders should get an extra one. Even athletes, intramural, club, and school ones should get PATH points.

It makes sense that students who are more involved at UD won't have the time to get PATH points, so they should be getting PATH points based on the activities they are doing.

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10 People I Believe Would Have Been A Better Ted Bundy Than Zac Efron

Just saying, Some of these actors look a lot like Ted Bundy's many faces.


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1. Jared Letto

2. Robert Downey Jr.

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8. Mark Wahlberg

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