The Day You Stop Looking Back

The Day You Stop Looking Back

“The day that you stop looking back, you’re ounna find that the future sure beats the hell out of the past.” - Thomas Rhett

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If you are anything like me, you have probably spent a lot of time looking back at the past. Why do we do this? We constantly wonder why this happened, what we could have done to prevent something from happening, how can we get that back, etc.

The word past means “belonging to a former time.” A time that we are no longer in. A time that we cannot change. Everyone struggles with the past in one way, shape, or form. Understanding and accepting that the past is gone and what is in the past isn’t coming back is hard at times, but it is necessary to move on. You can’t move on to new and better things with your head still turned around looking at what you used to have. You may want what you used to have, but you could have something even better if you turn around and look towards the future instead of looking behind you in the past.

Here is something I bet we have all asked ourselves at least once in our lives: Why are the things in your past not in your present? Here's the answer... They are simply not meant to be. That’s hard to accept and probably even harder to grasp. Why aren’t they? Who says? If you want something in your present and future, why is it in your past instead? Here’s something I think we all need to understand:

Maybe you truly do deserve to have what you want, but maybe what you want doesn't deserve you.

You deserve what you need, not what you want. You deserve what’s good for you, not what’s bad for you. Respect yourself and know that you deserve what is good for you. Never stop striving to better yourself, and never settle for less than what you deserve.

When something/someone is in your past rather than in your present, they are meant to be there. They have served their purpose in your life, whether it is an ex or a job you had to leave. You are who you are because of your past. Your past taught you what you know today. Your past made you grow into the person you are. Do not dwell on the bad in your past. Be glad that you had that opportunity in your life, and never forget what it taught you. Let your past better prepare you for your future. I speak from experience when I say that heartbreaking situations can lead to bigger and better things. Someone who once broke your heart can actually be the same exact person who leads you to become a better person and find someone who would never break your heart.

It’s so easy to remind ourselves about the bad things. You can sit and dwell on a bad situation or you can let it inspire and motivate you to do better things, to become better and to not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Life is so much better when you focus on the good. Focus on your present and future instead of being stuck in the past.

If you're reading this and struggling with moving on from your past, whether it's moving on from an ex or you are stuck after leaving a job or even if you just can't seem to get off the floor and motivate yourself to be better... I want you to listen to this.

Something better is yet to come, but you might miss it if you are too busy worrying about the past. If your head is turned around, looking at what used to be, turn it back in front of you. You may not see anything inviting in sight at the moment, but if you pick yourself up and walk forward, you may just find that "something better."

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