A list of things I wish I DIDN'T bring to college
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Student Life

The Complete List Of Everything I Wish I DIDN’T Bring To College

Trust me, sometimes less is more.

The Complete List Of Everything I Wish I DIDN’T Bring To College
Lynnsey Kwaak

Back-to-school season is officially in full swing. Believe me, it is one of my favorite times of the year, especially when it comes to buying things for your dorm room.

It's exciting! This will be your home away from home. This is your opportunity to make your room look exactly the way you want it to look. With all that in mind, it is dangerously easy to go overboard.

So, let me help you out. Here is the complete list of everything I wish I didn't bring to my first year of college.

A lot of throw pillows 

I heard this one so many times when I was packing for college. "Don't bring throw pillows! Don't bring throw pillows!" But of course, I didn't listen and brought so many throw pillows. So, let me tell you once and for all: Don't. Bring. Throw. Pillows. Sure, they look cute for the first week or two, but they truly just end up getting in the way. I ended up just sending them back home halfway through the year. Plus, they're weirdly expensive. So, save your money.

A laundry basket... without wheels 

I lived on the first floor of my dorm, so I didn't think that carrying my hamper down one flight of stairs to the laundry room in the basement would be too difficult, but oh boy, was I wrong. The first thing I put on my back-to-school shopping list was a rolling laundry basket. Do yourself a favor and get one as well.


I have always loved to read so I figured I would continue to read for fun in college. I brought a few books that have been sitting on my bookshelf at home with me and guess what. They just sat there on my desk, taking up space, for the entire year. I was genuinely convinced that I would be able to set aside ample reading time, but that just did not happen. Also, don't forget that your school most definitely has a library where you can check out books and send them back once you're done.

Decorations that DON’T go on walls 

Sure, little desk trinkets are super cute, but they really just end up taking up space and getting in the way. Dorms can be very small and the last thing you want is for your small space to be cluttered. Keeping your decorations on your walls is the best way to make the space your own without making it feel smaller.

The wrong type of clothes 

This one is tricky because it can be hard to predict which clothes you will wear on a regular basis. I started college coming from a private high school with a relatively strict dress code. I thought it made sense to pack the same clothes I wore in high school. I wore these clothes for maybe the first month of classes at most, but for the rest of the year, I lived in sweatpants, leggings, and pajama pants. Make sure you're bringing clothes that you're actually going to wear.

ALL my makeup 

I don't wear makeup every day, and when you're in college, you really won't have the time or energy to put it on every day. I brought all my makeup and it ended up living under my bed for most of the year. My advice: bring the basics.

Tons of cleaning supplies 

You think you're going to clean in college? Funny joke.


I guess this one is personal preference, but my roommate and I brought a TV and it just collected dust for most of the year until we decided to send it back home. We both preferred to watch shows on our laptop. So, decide what your preference is and plan accordingly.

I really hope this list was helpful for anyone who might need it. Back-to-school shopping is one of my favorite things to do, so enjoy it, but make sure you don't go overboard!

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