Waver Velvet and Gray's Relationship
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3 Reasons Why Waver Velvet And Gray’s Relationship Is Fascinating In ‘The Case Files Of Lord El Melloi II’ Series

As the series progress, Waver is warming up to Gray and in fact, there is a big possibility that he too will become comfortable looking at Gray's face, which might be a turning point in their relationship.


Although I am not a big fan "Fate" franchise, what really piqued my interest in the "The Case Files of Lord El Melloi II" series is the relationship between magus Waver Velvet and his 15-year-old apprentice Gray. Waver Velvet has been a side character in the original "Fate" series and is known to be the Master of Rider, who has been slain in battle. After adopting the name of Lord El Melloi II, Waver Velvet practices his maguscraft and works with Gray to solve mysteries and cases that unfold conspiracies within the Magus Association.

Aside from them working together, the relationship between Waver Velvet and Gray tends to be the eye candy of the "The Case Files of Lord El Melloi II" series. Here are the reasons why.

1. Gray is the only girl Waver Velvet opens up to

As Lord El Melloi II, Waver gets quickly irritated and annoyed with his adopted sister, Reines, who always teases and pesters him. But whenever he is with Gray or alone with Gray, he is patient and always refers to her as "Lady." And even when he is teaching Gray about magic or explaining to Gray about the Magus Association and the dangers that lie ahead, he always shows his concern for her safety and assures her that he won't blame her for not wanting to confront the dangers of the Magus Association. Regardless, Gray is willing to stay by her master's side.

2. Gray's disgust with her own face adds complexity into her relationship with Waver

Gray is shown to share the same face as Saber, who Waver is disgusted with. Because of that, Gray is shown wearing a hood all the time to hide her face. Although Reines and Svin, a classmate of Waver, believe Gray to have a very cute face, Gray also shows disgust with her own face and knowing that her master does not like her face seems to put Gray at ease. As the series progress, Waver is warming up to Gray and in fact, there is a big possibility that he too will become comfortable looking at Gray's face, which might be a turning point in their relationship.

3. Waver always stay by Gray's side

In many scans and illustrations of them, Waver is always shown sitting next to Gray or smiling towards her. Even on one manga chapter when Gray recites a prayer and forgets the next verses of a prayer, Waver puts his hand on her shoulder and recites the prayer together with her. Even when he is having a conversation or a discussion with a peer of the Magus Association, he always makes sure Gray is not left out. What is also interesting is that in the anime's ending credits of the series, Gray is shown alone standing outside while the weather around her changes. The moment it begins to rain, someone holds an umbrella for her and Gray looks up to find her master holding the umbrella for her. This puts a smile on her face. What makes this even more interesting is at this moment of the ending credits, the translation of the lyrics that popped up on this moment is: "Go to find the form of love."

Although people say that a romantic relationship between them is impossible due to the age gap, I say it's possible because this takes place in a world of maguscraft and alchemy, anything can happen.

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