The Busy Life Of A Student

The Busy Life Of A Student

The life of a student is hectic and stressful, but it's definitely worth it.

“Why are you always so busy and stressed?,” I was asked on the phone a few days ago while fast-walking to my next class. “It’s college, you’re just supposed to be having fun.”

Yes. That’s what everyone assumes. And it is true, I have a blast at school. But you only have four years of college and you want to make the most of it. So what do you do? Get everything.

We go to school for more than just the educational purpose. We go to make memories, have fun, be independent, etc. But finding that balance is hard. Especially when you are on a huge campus with so many opportunities. We want to do everything we can.

I have what my generation calls “FOMO.” Fear of missing out. I hear people in my house laughing and talking? I want to join. You’re going to that club's meeting? I’ll go too. You’re going out with friends? I’m coming! This is the time to meet new people, new friends, new connections. So yes, the social aspect is important.

This semester is rough. Classes are tiring and I have more homework and tests than I ever have before. The classes are beginning to become more and more important as they are aimed toward my major and I want to succeed. But I also want to have fun and be involved in extra activities. So I find myself constantly on the move with a million tasks and errands and meetings running through my mind. I don’t think I have yet had a day of just relaxation.

Most of us like to stay busy, but I personally tend to try to fit too much in one day. My planner is full of the squiggles that are my life. I’m not sure I would survive or make any deadlines without it.

Parents don't realize how much we do. I attend at least three classes a day, I have homework, studying, sorority responsibilities, personal responsibilities, extracurricular responsibilities, meetings, etc. It seems also that everything we do always has meetings. You want to study abroad? You have to attend a ton of meetings, meet with people, etc. You want to be on a committee? Same responsibility. Then you add in your personal game days. Game days are ALL DAY. You may be thinking...are they necessary? I think it would not only disappoint myself, but also my family if I were to not attend the football games. They are the best days of college. It’s almost as if it’s another task on my long “To-Do List” (which is something I make every morning for myself).

So yes, if you’re wondering, college is hard and busy. It’s a full-time job. Sometimes I get stressed, or miss deadlines, but I learn my lesson. I am figuring out how to balance everything, choose what’s important, and find time for myself. It’s getting me prepared to step out into the big, real, scary world that awaits me after college. I love college because I get to decide what I do, but sometimes I want to do way too much. I overbook myself easily, but at least I am getting the full experience. I’ll admit I complain a lot about being busy, but I would rather be involved and make the most of my four years. I have already made a ton of friends, connections, memories, etc. My studying has paid off.

Although in the moment I may not be happiest about having such a long day full of activities, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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How To Pick The Perfect Bed For Growing Kids

Parents generally look for the single bed. The sizes that can be preferred here are mentioned below.

Sleep is a priority for everyone. Children must get ten to eleven hours of sleep every night for a healthy brain and body development. Choosing the right bed and mattress is essential for their growth. It is a breakthrough for kids and parents when the transition happens from a crib to a proper bed. This switch is mostly made when the child attains the age of two or three. Other parents do so when their kids take their first step. 

There are so many beds like bunk beds, toddler beds etc which seems perfectly fine for the growth years of the children. Talk to your child about his choices related to beds, bed mattresses etc. Get him involved in whatever decisions you take in this aspect. It is all about his happiness and comfort and that is why his consent becomes important.

Some children take time to make themselves familiar with the bed. So, choose the perfect bed so that they get a good sleep. The size of the bed is also an important issue. Also, get a comfortable mattress. There are so many questions that come in the mind before buying the right bed and mattresses for your little one. This blog will surely clear your doubts.

Get The Right Bed Size

Parents generally look for the single bed. The sizes that can be preferred here are mentioned below.

  •  Single beds of small size look perfect with small and cozy mattress. This will be good for the toddler but soon, they will grow and therefore, they will need a new bed.
  •  Double bed of small size is a good option for the toddler. It will be good enough for the growing kids. He can also make use of the same bed while he grows up as a teenager.

Kids Need Space Too!

Is the bedroom of your child large enough? It is important to give them adequate space. If the bedroom is small then make the use of bunk beds or trundle beds. These beds will give sufficient space to your kids during their growth period to play and spend time. Trundle beds have two beds. In this, the second bed is kept under the first one. Some beds also come with features of storage which can also be a great option.

Is It Safe For The Little One?

It is important to know the safety features of the bed as it will be used by them for a longer period of time. The new bed must not be faulty. Check it properly. It should be strong enough and must not have sharp corners. If there are splinters then make it smooth to prevent mishappenings. For their protection, safety rails can also be used. This will save them from falling off the bed while asleep.

Get The Quality Mattress

Good quality mattress must be used so that good sleeping habits can be developed in a child at a tender age. Therefore, do not compromise on the quality and comfort of the bed and mattresses. 

The mattress must be made up of natural components having hypoallergenic properties like memory foam mattresses. These are dust mite resistant and that is why they are good for all those who have allergies of a different sort. It should also be soft but in a limit. Kids love the super soft and plush mattresses but this affects the body posture of the kid in a bad way. 

The human body releases skin flakes and body liquid through mouth and skin. Clean the bed once a week for the sake of the good health of your kid. Treat it well in case there are dust mites. 

Spine Support Is Essential

Does the bed give your child the necessary spine support? Spine support is surely the matter of consideration. According to the doctors, neck, as well as the spine, should be in a neutral position during sleep. This lowers down the stress and helps in the growth of the spine without any limitations. It is better to discuss this matter with the salesperson in details.

It is the child who has to use the bed for a very long time. Take the kid to the store and ask him to lie down to test whether the bed and the mattress are comfortable for him or not. These tips are surely going to help while choosing that cozy bed for your child.

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18 Reasons Why January Is The Worst Month of the Year

Just wake me up when it's February.

Let's be honest, no one likes January. It's a filler month. The month of gloom and doom and back to school. No one asked for it. And if you're still not convinced, here are a few reasons why January sucks.

1. Christmas is over.

No more Christmas cheer.

2. You have to go back to school.

3. And that means homework

4. Lots and lots of homework

5. You miss your mom.

But don't worry, you can still call her to complain about everything. That's why they invented cell phones, right?

6. It's cold.

7. You can't seem to look cute under all those layers of clothes.

8. You get sick.

And of course your mom isn't there to take care of you. But don't worry, you can still call and complain about how sick you are.

9. And you don't know how to take care of yourself when you get sick.

10. "New Year's Resolutions"

We all know it's BS.

11. Brussels sprouts are in season.


12. Valentine's Day decorations are in stores already.

Reminding us lonely people that we are still, in fact, alone.

13. You can't seem to be motivated for anything.

14. There are no good movies out.

Besides Death Cure, cuz heyyyyy Dylan O'Brien.

15. You have no money because you spent it all during the holidays.

16. There is no sunshine.

17. You're a little bit chubby.

Baby got back. And a little bit of front too.

18. And lastly, we all just want to be in bed, but we can't.

Wake me up when it's February.

Cover Image Credit: Emanuel Hahn

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