My dearest blondie,

Sure, a few states separate us. We no longer can do our ‘good morning’ hugs, or go out for coffee together, but that doesn’t change a thing. You’re still a part of my life every single day.

Whenever something happens, I immediately want to text you, call you, or FaceTime you until you pick up. And if nothing is happening, I want to talk to you anyways. You’re the person I always run to.

You complete me. You finish my thoughts when I wander off mid-sentence. When I go on and on and on about one particular thing, you help me to realize that it probably doesn’t matter and like all else, it will pass. Also, you help me to see the point of view of the other side, in order to have a balanced mind. You make sure no part of me feels empty, by filling it with memories, jokes, and smiles.

There is no thought unsaid. I remember saying “I feel like the slice of pizza that all the cheese slipped off of” to you one time. Our friendship knows no borders.

Most of my fondest memories were made with you.

I know you are a safe place where I can always flee to, and I am that place for you.

When you want to spend time together, I usually drop what I am doing to spend time with you. And you’re the only person my parents don’t think twice about letting me spend time with. You’re a part of my family, no questions asked.

You are the Ying to my Yang, the mustard to my ketchup, the blonde to my brunette. And I am so lucky to have you.

Love always,

Your brunette