Hello, November, It's Time To Get Festive
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Hello, November, It's Time To Get Festive

Bye-bye, spooky season.

Hello, November, It's Time To Get Festive

Halloween and October have ended. Spooky season is officially over and now it is time for the festive season.

The next two months hold arguably the greatest holidays and the most celebrated. November and December, in my opinion, are two of the best months out of the year.

You could throw October in there as well, but October is only celebrated for one month while the festive seasons of November and December always begin way before most consider it that time of the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas embody fall and winter whereas Halloween, spooky season, sadly is much shorter.

But, October 31st has passed and it's officially time to get festive!

The next majorly celebrated holiday: Thanksgiving.

There is a whole month to go through until December begins, so don't break out the Christmas decorations yet (Tbh it could still be acceptable). I intend to leave my Halloween decorations up just a tad bit longer. Pumpkins can fall (no pun intended) into both categories of holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. In my eyes, fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving have universally the same decorations, like pumpkins and leaves.

Whatever decorations you prefer for the holiday season for whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, religious or not, November officially classifies as the time to start going through the attic and basement to find those decorations.

Not to mention the cooler weather has started to make its appearance.

This month has the perfect weather of not too cold and not too hot. It's time to enjoy the weather change. Cooler weather pairs perfectly with the holiday drinks people are going to be sipping on. Starbucks's holiday, warm, and festive drinks only come once a year, and there's always new drinks announced each year to look forward to. Cozy, comfy, and cute outfits are being brought out of everyone's closets, too. It's a whole mood.

For college students, these two months mean the almost end of a semester and many breaks to be able to relax and enjoy family. Because of major holidays, students are given longer time off from classes. This allows students to be able to go home or visit family for a decent amount of time instead of just a weekend. This time off occurring around major holidays allows true family time.

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving break! I'm not even from out-of-state, but my course load and working a part-time job on campus doesn't give me any time for visit back home.

Just like many other students, the part I'm most looking forward to, besides being surrounded by family, is the food. Especially Thanksgiving, home-cooked, free meals are the best aspect of coming home for the holidays. Holiday meals are different, too. These meals are the ones everyone looks forward to all year around. Most are dishes you only get to eat during these two months.

For students living in dorms or crappy student housing, a comfortable bed and normal water pressure is another great part of being able to spend at least a couple days at home.

Overall, November and December are upon us. Holidays are rapidly approaching and it's time to enjoy the best months of the year.

Let's get festive!

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