It seems to be flying by this year! Everyone is home for summer and avoiding the idea of having to go back to school (or for some, looking forward to heading back). However, what makes July so special?

Whether you are working a 40 hour work week, partaking in summer school, or have the summer to just kick-back and relax, below is a list of 10 reasons as to why July is so great.

1. It is right in the middle of summer


Summer can either feel as though it is going by extremely fast or extremely slow. July is a month that is smack in the middle of summer. You either are almost back at school and sad about it OR you are almost back at school and cannot wait to see your college friends.

2. HOT weather


The weather in July is known for its heat, yet it is my favorite time of year because of how warm it is. In the mornings you do not even need a jacket and the nights seem close to the perfect weather. It is the best time for night swimming and late night drives with the windows down.

3. Concert central


Concerts are my favorite but summer concerts ARE THE BEST. With admirable, warm weather, it is the best time to grab some of your closest friends and grab some lawn seats and sing your heart away to a good old country song.

4. Cancer season


July is also the month of the Cancer zodiac. Apart from being my birthday month, it is also a fun month if you have friends with birthdays this month. Most likely you'll be hanging out at the beach or doing something fun outdoors because it is so pretty.

5. Independence Day


Tons of food, fireworks, and time with family & friends. Independence is one of those feel-good holidays right in the beginning of July. It is also a time where we can take a break in the middle of busy summers to appreciate how great it is to be American.

6. State fairs

State fairs are the definition of summer. Carnival rides, fried EVERYTHING, and fun times with friends. It is my go-to thing to do in July and absolutely one of my favorite events of the whole year.

7. No-makeup look

The best part about July? It is so hot that the majority of people are not wearing make-up! Or for those who are they are rocking the "no-makeup makeup look" which is so natural and pretty. You will not catch me caking my face like I do during the winter months.

8. Summer shows

Summer has so many good shows on TV. A few of my favorites are "Big Brother" and "The Bachelorette". "Big Brother" is on three times a week and follows houseguests competing for half a million dollars while "The Bachelorette" is DRAMA, but that good drama.

9. BBQs and bonfires

BBQs and bonfires are SO much fun. They have a way of bringing tons of people together and allow for a great sense of community.

10. Baseball games

Baseball games are a blast. They make for great date nights or going out with your friends! I truly never feel like it is summer until I go to my first baseball game, and going in July seems to make it so much sweeter.