The Best Spots To Visit In Los Angeles
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The Best Spots To Visit In Los Angeles

LA baby!

The Best Spots To Visit In Los Angeles

Now that things are slowly starting to open up in California, I know more people will be planning trips to visit the best city in the Golden State! So here are some notes from someone who has lived in LA her whole life. Do the touristy stuff if you must, but take it from me and add these spots to your trip!

Redondo Beach

Everyone hypes of Malibu, or Laguna or even Manhattan beach, but this is my personal favorite spot. It's famous for surfing, but if you're like me, and don't surf, this is the perfect local spot with a bajillion cute stores and restaurants just off the beach!

Nick Metropolis Collectible

This place takes thrifting to a whole new level. Instead of clothes, they've got furniture, artwork, and other odds and ends that you'll absolutely love!

The Getty Museum

I know not everyone likes museums, but I do, so listen up! This place, on top of having famous artwork from artists Van Gogh and Rembrandt, it is famous for its stunning architecture and beautiful garden! If for nothing else, go for the pics!


Most people visit this place, but never go inside! You know, the place with all the lampposts where everyone goes to take their pictures? Yep! That's the one. Do it! Go inside, see all of the exhibits, and consider yourself an art genius because you can brag to all your friends you saw the rain room or learned a lot about modern art.

Studio tours

This is the one touristy thing that I will encourage. Just be careful to pick the right tour, and do the studio's official tour, and not someone's random Hollywood tour that will totally rip you off! I'd recommend checking out Paramount, Universal, Sony, or Warner Brothers!

Pink's Hot Dogs

I don't care if you say you hate hot dogs, because I do too. But for real, these hot dogs are unlike any others you will have in your life. So go get one and be transformed.

The Original Farmer's Market

This farmer's market has everything, and I literally mean everything. Any kind of food you could possibly be craving, they've got it. It's at The Grove mall, so if you wanna increase your chances of meeting a celebrity while you're in LA, definitely pay this spot a visit!

Thrift stores

Thrifting in LA hits different. Just think, designer brands in Goodwill for just a couple bucks? Say less! My favorite spots are Buffalo Exchange, Jet Rag, Squaresville, and Out of the Closet, but never shy away from staple places like Goodwill or Salvation Army!

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