The Best Performances From The 2021 Grammy Awards
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The Best Performances From The 2021 Grammy Awards

And the Grammy goes to...

The Best Performances From The 2021 Grammy Awards
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Earlier this week, Trevor Noah hosted the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. While the Grammys looked a little different this year to accommodate for social distancing, it still aimed to provide a similar experience to previous awards. One aspect of the show they really focused on this year was the performances. Since artists haven't been able to perform as much for their fans, unless it has been in an online setting, every performer made sure they brought their A game. While there were a ton of great performances, here are the ones that I really enjoyed watching and consider to be the best of the 2021 Grammy Awards.

1. Dua Lipa 

For her Grammy performance, Dua Lipa was joined by DaBaby to perform their song, Levitating. She also performed her song, Don't Start Now. Honestly, I can't say enough about this performance. Every aspect of it was fantastic. Dua Lipa looked incredible in her monochromatic look and absolutely crushed her performance.

2. Harry Styles

Now for the performance that left every Harry Styles fan talking. Harry Styles opened the Grammys by performing Watermelon Sugar. While most fans wouldn't have selected for him to sing Watermelon Sugar, his performance was still a standout for the night. Fans gushed on social media about how happy he looked and well how much they loved his outfit choice.

3. Billie Eilish

After her success at last years Grammys, Billie came back to perform her song, Everything I Wanted. Overall, what stood out to me about this performance was the performance aspects included. For this performance, they created an eerie scene that featured Billie singing on an old car.

4. Megan Thee Stallion

Megan's performance really might be my favorite out of all them. I really enjoyed the dynamic she created. It was so much more than just her singing, Megan came out there to put on a show. The energy, outfits, and dancers were all just incredible.

5. Taylor Swift

Of course, I had to include Taylor Swift in this list of performers. Taylor performed a mashup of her songs, Cardigan, August and Willow. Now as a major Swiftie, I was just excited to see her back on the Grammys stage; however, her performance didn't disappoint. The visuals were stunning and her vocals were incredible.

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