The Jo Bros are back, here are all their best songs throughout the years!

1. Play My Music

Although this is not from one of their albums, this was a song they sang on camp rock ( a Disney channel classic) and definitely one of my faves!

2. When You Look Me In The Eyes

This is an emotional ballad and although it was sung by three teenage boys, it is still such a bop! It truly characterizes every emotion you have when you start to get the feels for someone.

3. Kids of the Future

This was a jam when it first came out and it still is!

4. Tonight

If this song doesn't get you PUMPED I don't know what will! The beat gets me hype every time.

5. S.O.S

This is a classic fan-favorite, and for good reason... It is a BOP! The vocals on this song are top notch!

6. Lovebug

Nick Jonas' vocals on this song had me jamming the day the released it, and its still on my playlist in 2019!

7. Year 3000

I personally loved this song when they released it because it was so different and I still think its awesome! They recently did a " remix" of this song on the Late Late Show with James Corden called Year 2019, and it perfectly sums up everything going on in the world, and it was hilarious!

8. Sucker

This was the Jo Bros comeback song that they released in 2019 after being separated for six years, and it made me feel like they never broke up! The video featured all of their significant others and it was a top-notch video!

9. Burnin' Up

We can ALL agree this is number one! Not only was it a true Jo Bro bop, but when Big Rob rapped a verse, we all lost it! This will always be the best song they've ever released, no doubt!