The Best Day Ever

The Best Day Ever

Turning Sunday Funday into a lifestyle.

My friend and I had one of the best days ever last week.

The weather was incredible, the sky was blue with fluffy clouds, and the air was hot with a chilly breeze. We spent the morning in class and did better than expected on our tests/quizzes, ran a few errands, ate lunch at Chipotle, and headed to our favorite coffee shop to study. Suddenly 1:00 in the afternoon turned into 6:00 and the employee was asking us to leave. We got in the car, drove back to campus during golden hour, and decided to take the long way home after we parked.

We could not stop talking about how perfect the day had been. We had to tell everyone. I texted my mom and told her how happy I was, we went to a friend’s house and spread our jolly cheer with them, we ran into a friend en-route and told him all about the events of the day, we posted about it on our Snapchats, and then stopped by another friend’s dorm. He played guitar and I sang some of my favorite songs. We finally decided that it was time to head home at around 10:00 and spent the rest of the night studying together and talking about how happy we are to be living this life.

Even though my friend gives credit for her perfect day to the weather, I think that we could have had just as much fun in the rain.

Too often, we let little things take over our day. We see one thing that isn’t going the way it is supposed to, and suddenly the day is not perfect. We let a rainstorm or a bad grade on a quiz or sleeping through the alarm or our favorite restaurant being closed dictate the course of our day. By doing this, we are letting the enemy have his way. We are letting him creep in by being disappointed when things don’t go as we expected.

When I received my test grade that morning, I immediately thanked Jesus. When I walked out of the building and felt a cool breeze whisk through my hair, I thanked Jesus. When each song playing in my headphones at the coffee shop ended, I thanked Jesus. I continued thanking Him for the things that made that day perfect. Psalm 118:24 says that this is the day that the Lord has made. God has His hand in everything that occurs in our every day.

Every cool breeze, every spilled drink, every golden sunset, and every failed quiz. Just as He was all up in the middle of my perfect Wednesday, He will be all up in the middle of the worst day that I experience.

We have the opportunity to be light in a world that is often overcome by darkness. We have the ability to make the most of every day by being thankful for it. Wake up and thank Jesus for another day on His beautiful earth because each day comes with an incredible number of chances to build His kingdom. Our lives on earth are a gift and we have been put here to be used by our Creator.

Why aren’t we taking advantage of this incredible gift each and every day? He has placed us in cities near beaches or mountains or in the countryside surrounded by dogs and squirrels and dolphins. He has given us communities and families and swarms of people that love us. We get to live as bright lights for the kingdom and as children of the Creator of it all.

The greatest love of all is ours and the victory is won. Hallelujah because our God is alive – what a good reason to be happy! That should be the determining factor instead of all of the things that make up a "bad day". Adopt a new mindset and make every day your best day ever.

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The Meteoric Rise Of Barstool Sports

Let's Give Credit Where It's Due

If you are ages 15-27, care about sports in any capacity or have an interest in social media, you've probably heard of Barstool Sports. Barstool's meteoric rise from just a small newspaper publication in Boston to one of the biggest sports agencies in the world is not without reason.

Let's look into why Barstool Sports resonates with so many people. For one, their social media presence is enormous and their strategy is genius. Hundreds of colleges and universities around the country have their own affiliated Barstool page which essentially creates a network connecting schools all around the country.

Why is this important?

Not only is what comes out of the hundreds of schools hilarious and amusing but also it provides a never-ending stream of content. Not to mention, students around the country (one of Barstool's main audiences) feel connected to the outlet through their school's own barstool account.

Going along with social media, Barstool's following goes beyond their main account's 4 million followers on Instagram and 1.1 million followers on Twitter. Each and every barstool employee is almost like a reality tv show character. They all have distinct personalities and social media presences that people can relate to.

Additionally, all of the employees are extremely active on social media and frequently interact with their fans. Similarly to the network that Barstool has created with colleges and universities, they have writers that produce content for many of the major sports cities around the United States. With this network, they attract even more than just the young college demographic.

While their social media presence is massive, Barstool does more than just post on social media. Barstool podcasts (I say podcasts because I mean they have a ton) top the charts of not just sports podcasts, but all podcasts in general. Podcasts like Pardon My Take have become wildly popular. This summer I would listen to it every morning on my commute from New Jersey to the Bronx. In addition, Barstool now has its own 24-hour Sirius XM station.

But what really makes Barstool great? The answer is simple: it's hilarious and entertaining. Barstool is almost like the sports guy version of a reality show where you can hear funny takes about recent sports news and laugh at the ridiculous office banter that goes on within their headquarters.

Because of how popular Barstool has become, they even have their own nickname for their diehard fans: Stoolies. Barstool Sports is paving the way for new media to arise and they're doing so in a big way. Better watch out, ESPN.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by David Straight on Unsplash

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Ladies, Stop Criticizing Your SO's Interests And Maybe Make An Effort To Get Involved Instead

Even if it's not your thing, it's important to them, Make it important to you.

Sitting here side by side with my boyfriend Chase, we have both decided to spend some time catching up on our favorite Instagrammers, Youtube channelers, etc. I know, I know, but please save the "get off your phone" lecture for another time; we all have our interests that may or may not include social media.

As I listen to the yelling and screaming that is coming from his Achievement Hunter video, I sigh and look back at my Nicole Guerriero makeup tutorial video. Then I realized, he follows me into Sephora, watches me as I apply makeup and talk through it, and listens to my hours and hours of conversation about my love for makeup. Why wasn't I doing the same? I watch his videos with him, but his love for gaming is akin to my love for makeup.

Without fail, every girl I know with a gaming boyfriend rolls their eyes and disapproves of the hobby. I get it, if it's getting to the point where all he is doing is sitting on his butt, ignoring you and screaming at the screen in front of him as an obnoxiously loud explosion happens, it's time to have a conversation. Then again, are you lying on the couch watching Tarte's Instagram stories and then scrolling through the Sephora app for hours while your significant other sits right next to you?

Everything in moderation. If every once in a while your boyfriend climbs onto his gaming device for a half an hour or so, sit with him. Be with him. I know it sounds ridiculous if you're not into it either, but that's an interest of his! In my humble opinion, you should try to support your partner in any way you can. Note the word 'try.' We're not all perfect.

But honestly, how nice would it be to have your guy walk into a craft store with you and get into the DIY project you're about to create, or cook a meal with you while you talk about your hobby for cooking? To him, he most likely can't relate to your hobbies just like you can't relate to some of his.

Build that bridge. The next time he brings up a new game he's been playing, or the book he's indulged in, or a new exercise he's been trying, instead of rolling your eyes and making a snarky comment, ask him about it. Be genuine. Try and build that connection even though you can't see why he would have these interests, and hopefully it will be reciprocated when your interests are brought up.

Support each other in any way you can, even if it's hard to wrap your head around. Plus, what's the harm in learning about something new?

Cover Image Credit: Brianna Riede

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