I Started Taking Myself On Dates, And You Should Too
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I Started Taking Myself On Dates To Learn To Enjoy My Own Company, And You Should Too

Would you take yourself on a date?

I Started Taking Myself On Dates To Learn To Enjoy My Own Company, And You Should Too
Clariza Adao

Dates can be fun! Whether it's romantic or platonic, one is essentially spending time with someone.

That being said, would you ever spend time with the person you see the most? No, I'm not talking about your mom. I'm talking about yourself. Would you take yourself on a date?

Going on a date with yourself is not as simple as it sounds. Many people I know are uncomfortable with the idea of eating by themselves because it's awkward and they do not want to look lonely. These reasons are valid! I used to be the same way. If you asked Old Me if I would ever eat alone at a restaurant, I would have laughed in your face and said no.

As someone who is a social butterfly, I always feared being alone. However, I noticed myself getting burnt out from constantly hanging out with people. I neglected setting time aside for myself. I am here to tell you It is OK to be alone. Being alone is a foreign concept to many: we constantly fear it. However, there is a difference between feeling lonely and being alone. Being alone means having no one present. Loneliness stems from feeling unhappy and isolated from others. Loneliness doesn't directly correlate with being alone: in college, I constantly around a lot of people and friends but there were times I still felt lonely.

It is crucial for one to set time for themselves. Practicing self-love is essential to bettering one's self. How can you love someone else if you cannot even love yourself?

We should normalize doing things and activities alone.

We cannot always depend on other people when it comes to happiness. Taking myself on dates has taught me to enjoy my own company. I have grown a lot from then to now so I figured that I need to get to know myself again. Moreover, it taught me to embrace my strengths and my imperfections while loving myself unconditionally. I often reflected on how I can better myself without being so hard on myself. Lastly, it taught me that I should respect myself and set standards for the next relationship I get into. Never settle for less.

It will feel weird going out by yourself at first. However, you will get used to it. Start off with something small, such as getting coffee by yourself. Gradually, you can dine-in at your favorite restaurant and even watch a movie by yourself. I promise you: going out with yourself is a rewarding experience.

Self-love is the best type of love!

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