The Best Bagged Tea Flavors According To A Teaoholic

The Best Bagged Tea Flavors According To A Teaoholic

I love my tea: quick to make, easy to drink, and tasty.


Tea is amazing whether it is iced or hot. Most of the variants on this list I would drink either hot or cold. Hot tea has a special place in my heart however due to how easy it is to make and how much more cost efficient it is. Iced tea is time-consuming to make fresh, therefore I only make it once in a great while. Most of the time, if I am making true iced tea that means I am home. At school though, I will from time to time make my tea and leave it in the mini fridge overnight to cool down. It is during this process where I normally end up forgetting that I made myself tea in the first place and go off to make another cup of hot tea instead.

Chai Spice

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Vanilla Chai

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These specific tea have been on my list for years now as I started drinking vanilla chai and chai spice regularly back in high school. From there I delved into the realm of mint and green tea. I always have loved the flavor of mint, hence my usage of it in nearly every dish I cook at home. College, unfortunately, is very much lacking in the mint department. (Unless its mint chocolate chip ice cream about once every two weeks or so. Every once in a while Wells offers mint tea, but normally getting my mint fix requires walking all the way to York or a quick trip to the store. Any fruit tea that has made my list, became a favorite of mine cold first. Iced tea was always my first love, but discovering that these teas were available bagged was absolutely life-changing for me because it meant gaining access to my favorite flavors all year round for way less money.

No matter what kind of tea I make whether it is black, green, hot, cold, etc. it will be from a bag unless I go to a restaurant to get something new, different, or fancy. Perhaps when I am older I will graduate to a more sophisticated method of making tea, but I highly doubt this will be the case due to the ease, efficiency, and price point of bagged tea.

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