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The Best iconic pixar Trio

We all wanted a friendship like theirs one point in our childhood.


Two weeks ago, I published an article and talked about the friendship and bromance between Woody and Buzz. Now, I'm about to continue that, but with a bit of an addition.

TVtropes and Urban Dictionary defines OT3 as a threesome pairing, and even though like, logically and hypothetically, it could happen, it's disgusting to think about considering it's toys. I only used it cause that's the only acronym I found that relates to a group of three friends. With the second Toy Story movie, we were introduced to Jessie, the yodeling cowgirl and a part of the franchise that Woody had been a part of so long ago in his time. She's cool, she's spunky, and although she and Woody did have some disagreements in the beginning, they came together with a truce and a friendship by the end.

Buzz, Woody and Jessie didn't really have much friendship moments until the third movie when they were all comfortable with each other and knew each other better (unless you count the second movie when Buzz and Woody teamed up to rescue Jessie from the airplane). I really like this triad cause it incorporates the stereotypical "Two Guys and a Girl" trope with two thirds being romantic interests, but it also adds a bit of its own creativity in it. They don't really specify on the romanticism, probably because it's a Pixar movie, and they really work together, looking out for each other and putting their friendship and everyone else's needs above all others. They co-work as the leaders of the toys, and they make sure that everyone is in a harmonious environment and are the ones to calm them down when they're panicking, which really is a nice touch.

Now that they're together as a cohesive team, it seems that they're the main favorites of the owners that they've shared together. Both Andy and Bonnie seem to care for them more than the rest, as far as I know, based on the fanfiction that I've read and some scenes that they have together. I mean, Andy basically made them a team in his western imagination playtime.


This is my favorite trio of trio friendships there are because there's not much drama between the three of them from what they portray in the movies, and they're able to work together as a team and aren't as stubborn with each other. I think most kids could learn a thing or two from their friendship, as well as the Buzz and Woody friendship, because it shows that a friendship can be strong and remain a friendship without any romantic intentions.

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