If you know even just a little bit about me, then you would know that I am an avid beachgoer based on just the photos I post half the time. Some people may call me weird for loving the beach so much, but there are actually several health benefits when it comes to hitting up the beach and basking in the sunshine that you probably never even thought of before. So, going to the beach can actually be a very fun and healthy activity to do after all.

I am sure most of us have heard that the salt-water and sea breeze is great for our overall well-being and mental health, but is it really accurate? Yes, in fact, the sound of waves crashing onto the beach ultimately changes the wave patterns in our brains that help us reach that relaxed state of mind. Also, breathing in the fresh salty air at the beach helps fight depression and any other mood disorders you may be struggling with. The fresh air at the beach allows our bodies to absorb oxygen better and regulates our serotonin levels, which creates that tranquil and relaxed state.

Even something as simple as laying on your beach towel, or sitting back in your beach chair can be a positive for your mental health. As long as you are somewhere kicking back on the beach, it has been found to relieve stress levels. This is due to the heat radiating off of the sun that creates endorphins in our bodies that allow us to feel more relaxed and therefore lowers levels of stress that we may be feeling.

So, if you had a tough week at work, or maybe you are in college and are feeling overwhelmed, you may want to consider a day trip to the beach to unwind. The heat we feel on our skin from the sun promotes endorphins to be created in our body that makes us feel relaxed and less stressed out.

Of course, spending extended periods of time out in the sun is not the best for your skin, but spending a day at the beach is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Always make sure to apply some sort of SPF to your skin to protect yourself from those intense rays, especially if you live in Florida like me, the summer time can be quite deadly.

Overall, in my opinion, going to the beach is one of the best activities because it allows me to decompress. I enjoy my time at the beach and let myself unwind and realize how thankful I am to even be able to have such easy access to the beach since so many people do not. I feel like I am at a peace when I look out at the waves, and if I see a dolphin that makes my day ten times better.

The list of beach benefits could go on forever in my world since I am a beach lover and all. If all else fails, just going to the beach with some good people, playing some good music, and having a good time can be the best cure for anything. Or maybe you want to have some alone time and decide to read a book while you are there. Whatever it may be, I believe the beach can make anyone's day positive and who doesn't love going out to the beach to have some fun in the sun?