The Bachelorette: My Opinions

So Becca Kuffrin's season of the bachelorette has officially started and if you're apart of Bachelor Nation like me, you are really routing for her to find love. Last season on The Bachelor, Arie race car driver, bachelor, and official asshole chose Becca as his true love and proposed to her on the season's finale.

La di da- we all thought life was good. NOT. Arie decides that he really wants to be with the runner up- Lauren. So what does Arie do? He brings a bunch of camera men to him and beck's vacation getaway house to have them film her breaking up with her and telling her he would rather be with Lauren.

What the hell. After he has broken her heart, he refuses to leave. Becca is in tears, she's cursing, she vocalizes that she doesn't want to see him or have him stay, but what does Arie do? CREEPILY FOLLOW HER AROUND THIS GORGEOUS HOUSE WHILE SHE CRIES AND GRIEVES.

So everyone in bachelor nation hates Arie now, and Becca has had an outpouring of love and support from the fans following her announcement to be the show's next bachelorette.

So far, two episodes have already gone by - and it's already juicy! Let me tell you what, I, an experienced bachelorette fan thinks of the men trying to steal our beloved Becca's heart.


*I'm making these predictions based off of Becca's interviews now that she has completed filming and announced her engagement, the trailer for the season as a whole, patterns with past bachelorettes, and reality tv gossip of course..* :

Lincoln will start a tremendous amount of drama, as he already has, and there will be a physical fight.

Arie will make an appearance...

Becca will fall in love with two men (inevitably).

This season will really end in love and a GOOD engagement.

Joe from Chicago will be at Bachelor in Paradise...

Jordan will get a brand deal out of his dramatics. We all know that's why he's really there right?

Jordan will be on a two-on-one and give us some of the best memes we've ever seen.

Joe the really cool asian contestant who created Venmo will probably go home soon and that makes me really sad.

I think the final three will be Blake, Colton, and Garrett.

Here's why:

Blake and Becca hit it off immediately. She actually really shocked me when she gave the first impression rose to Garrett because in her monologue she said, "Blake just really made an impression on me." But guess not enough for the rose the first night. In the second episode they had an amazing date and vulnerable talk - which I feel like doesn't always happen on the first date. They discovered they are very much alike and she is already quite smitten with him. He's also my favorite so I am really hoping he makes it to hometown dates.

Garrett got the first impression rose AND the first kiss! Now I know there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Garrett and his social media activity, but we have to remember Becca didn't know any of this until now. The past 3 bachelorettes have ended up with the man they gave the first impression to. And all three of those couples are still together! So we can't ignore the significance of that!

Lastly, Colton. Woof. He is so gorgeous. If you are a fan and watched last episode you know that there is some history, however, between him and Becca's good friend and bachelor contestant, Tia from Arie's season, who I really wanted to be the bachelorette before this whole thing with Becca's breakup went down... ANYWAY!

I believe he will make it to the final three because he was very honest about his past from the beginning and he's just so damn cute and charming. Also, in the trailer for the season, you see a lot of Colton, especially when they go traveling, which makes me think he makes it pretty far!

I think the final two will most likely be Blake and Garrett. Becca will most likely fall in love with both of them. It just happens every season now that the bachelor or bachelorette feel as though they love two people and have trouble deciding who they should really be with.

Most importantly though, I truly believe that this season will end in love and a successful engagement. Becca seems really happy in her interviews since the show has finished filming and seems very sure of who she gave her heart to. Maybe, just maybe, we will see a beautiful relationship form and survive on the Bachelor for the fist time since Jojo's season - and I'm excited to see it unravel:)

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