Living in the fast, interconnected society that we are in today, many of us have fallen into the hands of impatience.

We are constantly facing expectations, following schedules, and meeting deadlines. Our world today demands a time for everything, yet with this presumed rush, we find ourselves waiting. We wait for events to happen, and ultimately, we wait for the time where our lives become better, less hectic.

We yearn for this, and in every individual's eyes this image—this desire appears differently.

For some, they wait for the moment they finally reach their goal in their careers, when they meet the one and start a family, reaching financial wealth, or even retiring. We wait for this big moment. And in waiting, patience is the virtue we must somehow conjure.

This struggle of constantly wishing leads to us waiting. More often than not, people wait for things to happen to them. Yes, it's true that many of us take action to reach a desired result, but even then, our actions is just another form of waiting.

Ultimately, our lives revolve around waiting to reach happiness. Waiting eats away at time. Inevitably, we find ourselves wishing and waiting, stuck in this unending loop of desire and dejection. Stuck in this repeating cycle, I feel like I'm constantly wasting time. Yet, I don't know how to escape it.

Productivity is constantly in battle with procrastination. Because, let's face it—we are all culprits of procrastinating. It serves as a distraction from impatience. The waiting game is momentarily stalled by the guilty pleasure of procrastinating.

Procrastination is a short lived moment of joy and delusions. And in turn, we find ourselves stressed and rushing to meet a deadline. In times of rushing, we forget about the waiting. Instead, impatience to reach the conclusion grips us. Being a prolific server of impatience, I, like many others find myself at the hands of waiting. We procrastinate until it doesn't feel like waiting. And once we start something we are impatient to finish. Impatience fuels our actions but also hinders us from distractions.

No matter what, when, or where, we are all victims of impatience. We are constantly waiting for something to happen. Our lives are full of expectations and deadlines that must be met. In this inevitable loop of waiting and wishing is that rather than finding yourself at the hands of impatience, we must think and live day by day.

I'm not saying we should disregard the future altogether, because we must think about how to pursue the future that we desire.

But, rather than just waiting for the day to reach a goal, whether that's financial wealth, finding the one true love, or reaching happiness, we can focus on the day to day details that constitute and ultimately helps us reach our goals.

We must be content by the minute, daily things that bring us joy, so that we don't find ourselves living in misery waiting for something that will come along with time.

Each day becomes a day that we've been waiting for, so we must embrace it.