The Art of Thought
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The Art of Thought

A Journey Through Cognition

The Art of Thought

Writer's Block.

Often times I find myself here, a metaphysical place in which I have no idea what to write and then randomly my mind will travel to this one thought that links together a bunch of other thoughts and I end up with a topic to write about. That being said, that is not the case today because here I am not able to think of anything to write about so you'll get a first hand look of where my mind travels on the journey to find something of concrete relevance to life.

I actually just stared at this blank screen for like five minutes so there's that. But it got me thinking about the process of thought, like where does your mind go when you're "spacing out" or "not thinking" at all? Weird right?

Now this has me thinking of the movie Interstellar- no clue why but that's where my mind went, probably because it has such abstract ideas within it and I consider human thought a very vast and abstract concept.

Do you ever picture your brain working? Like that episode in spongebob where his brain has a bunch of tiny little spongebobs working inside and filing all of his thoughts and memories? I like to think of a bunch of little Kayla's inside my brain doing the same thing... weird I know.

See, now that I mentioned Spongebob I'm thinking about Crabby Patty's for some reason which makes me hungry so I think I'm going to eat my bagel.

I'm totally rambling...

This is actually kind of fascinting, documenting my thought process- like I feel like to someone else this could potentially be very entertaining.

Well speaking of entertainment I'm going to entertain myself by fullfilling my hunger spell and eating that bagel.

I hope you enjoyed this little path into my mind, it sure was insightful- well to me it was insightful.

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