SUNY Oswego is a true home away from home to just about everyone that goes here, and there are many things that make the college unique in its own way. If you are a incoming student, current student, or even an alum, you will or have already learned about the ABC's of SUNY Oswego.

A. Almost no snow days.

B. Books

They are expensive, so don't unwrap them right away, because if you end up not needing them for class, you get all of your money back. Full refunds are golden.

C. Cups in the dining hall

They are your No. 1 best friend. Don't hesitate to take five; we all have been there.

D. Door holding

Especially on the way into Shineman, it is almost always an awkward situation. Most of the time, you need to jog to the door that someone is holding open for you.

E. Eating food alone isn't as horrible as it seems; it is actually quite peaceful.

Quiet time is hard to find, and alone time is, too, when you're surrounded by friends every day.

F. Freshmen can immediately be spotted by a lanyard around their neck

Please just don't do it.

G. Gnats are what you see us all swatting at.

It's not air; we promise we aren't crazy -- just terrified that one might fly in our mouth.

H. Hockey -- it's a big deal.

Even if you aren't a sports fan, you will enjoy the massive amount of screaming everyone does. It gets intense.

I. Ice patches

They actually do wipe you out if you aren't careful. Just shake it off.

J. Johnson Hall

The all-freshman dorm, and be warned -- if you live here your first year, you are forever recognized as a "Johnson baby."

K. Kraftees

The place in town that sells college apparel at half of the price of the college store -- and they also buy back books, too.

L. Lake Ontario

What mostly every student agrees is the best part of going to this school.

M. Mackin

The diner-like dining hall where students go to drown themselves in unhealthy food.

N. Negative-degree temperatures

With the wind and the snow mixed together, you feel like your face is going to freeze off.

O. Open Skate

Every so often, we have open skate in the hockey arena, so if you feel adventurous, here is one thing to add to that to-do list of yours.

P. Parties

Oswego is big on their parties, but they tend to leave that out of the brochure.

Q. Quest Day (no classes before 5 p.m.)

This is a day set aside for students to present their research projects to whoever shows up, but somewhere along the way it turned into an excuse for students to do nothing all day.

R. Room/roommate selection

A very stressful process that will leave you wanting to live in a box.

S. Smoothies from FANS

You will waste half, if not more, of your dining dollars on them.

T. Thursdays

Almost every college student's Friday, whether they have class the next morning or not.

U. Uggs

They will get ruined. Don't even try going through snow in them.

V. Vona's

A cheap, but amazingly great, Italian restaurant in town.

W. Wind

If it's not windy, it is automatically "nice out."

X. Xtra parking tickets for everyone

UP hands parking tickets out like they are candy; watch out.

Y. Yik Yak

The app that Oswego students treat like a newspaper.

Z. Zzzzzzz's

What we all need more of and never seem to get -- especially when it comes down to finals week.