The ABCs of FGCU Greek Life
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The ABCs of FGCU Greek Life

The alphabet's not the only thing we're learning at FGCU.

The ABCs of FGCU Greek Life
Mary Gonzalez

Greek life at Florida Gulf Coast University is definitely not like other schools. We don't have houses, our chapters our small, and there's a whole lot of love that goes around. We may be competitive when it comes to philanthropy events, but at the end of the day, we're always there to support one another. And it's a boat load of fun. Here's the FGCU Greek Life Dictionary.

A: A Sister Is

A phrase used when a sister helps out another sister in any way. Not followed by anything. Just said as is.

B is for Bid Day

Bid Day, Best Day!!! The day to welcome all our new babies to the family!

C is for Chapter

Usually two hours of council updating you on Greek life happenings. Can be super boring. Mandatory, but you get to see your sisters/brothers.

D is for Dues

Pricy, unavoidable, not a fan favorite.

E is for Eagles (duh!)

Eagles are the FGCU mascot, for those of you who don't know.

F: Frat Parties

Usually on Fridays or Saturdays, but honestly unpredictable. See "San Carlos".

G is for Grab-a-Date

The worst kind of socials if you don't know that many guys. (Pro-tip: make sure your guy doesn't flake on you last minute or you'll have to pay a fine.)

H is for Hot Outside

Florida heat + philanthropy events outside = certain death. Make sure you bring lots of water, sunscreen, and a cheery disposition.

I is for Initiation

The day you officially become a member of your organization. Exciting, kind of creepy during ritual, lots of pictures taken after.

J is for Just A Good Time

A phrase used to describe a frat party the day after when your friend who couldn't go asks how it was.

K is for Keys

Officially known as Keys Bar and Grille, great place to throw socials. Wednesdays are Ladies' Nights, so take advantage of that if you don't have class on Thursdays.

L is for Little/Big Reveal

Best day ever! Well, second to bid day. You find your forever family! Also lots of pictures, maybe even free food. Depends on your big.

M is for McDonalds

Nothing hits better than grabbing McDonalds after a philanthropy event, social, or party. It's fast, cheap, and delicious. #convenient.

N is for Nursing Program

This is a nearly-impossible program to get into, and I cannot tell you the amount of times we've cheered a sister for working her booty off to get in to the program. Shoutout to all my nursing majors.

O is for Open Minded

What every Rho Gamma will tell you during recruitment if you even mention you like a sorority before meeting them.

P is for Pledges

You know the drill, they come into chapter, sing a little song for the ladies, get on everyone's snapchat stories, and then humbly take their leave. Pledge season is the bomb.

Q is for Quick

It can be quick to feel at home when you're in the right place. It's a great feeling too. (For things that are not quick, see "Chapter".)

R is for Rush/Recruitment

Most stressful time of your life, undoubtedly. The nerves are high, but the results are worth it.

S is for San Carlos

The home to every "frat house" ever. If you haven't been to a party in San Carlos, you haven't lived.

T is for Toga Parties

Undeniably the worst theme. How am I supposed to look cute in my twin-xl sized sheet from my dorm room. Not a good look.

U is for Unique

FGCU Greek Life is really like no other Greek Life anywhere else, and we definitely pride ourselves on that.Just

V is for Visits

Aka chapter visits. Best when there's only like 3 visits, because you still get interaction, but it keeps chapter short enough that it stays under two hours.

W is for Wine Wednesdays

Even if you're underage, there's always some sort of Wednesday wine celebration going on that you can just go to dance at.

X is for XL tshirts

Even if they're too big for you, with a pair of shorts, your rocking the classic sorority girl look.

U is for 

Y is for Yelling

A common activity at every event ever. Whether your cheering people on, yelling out chants, or just screaming with excitement, it can get pretty noisy.

Z is for Zero Time 

Greek life will definitely eat up a lot of your time, and with lots of hard classes? Have fun trying to manage it all!

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