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Catholic University summed up in 26 letters


Awesome campus: Catholic University’s campus is undoubtedly the best looking in DC, 176 sprawling, magnificent acres in the historic Brookland neighborhood.

Basilica: How can you discuss CUA without mentioning the Basilica (whose full name, the "Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception," better suits the breathtaking structure), the largest Roman Catholic church in North America?

CUAbroad: Catholic’s amazing study abroad program, offering sessions in Rome, Hong Kong, Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, Oxford, and a myriad of other awesome destinations.

DC: The ideal location to attend college, showcasing bountiful attractions, exciting nightlife and a diverse selection of job and internship opportunities.

Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center: More widely known as “the Pryz,” the Pryzbyla Center is the nucleus of CUA, housing the dining halls, several campus offices, and most importantly, Chick Fil-A and Starbucks.

Francis: In September, CUA will be hosting Pope Francis, making his visit the third time a pope has visited Catholic University, an achievement no other university in the United States can boast.

Geotags: Now CUA students can enjoy three Snapchat geotags, one for DC, one for Brookland, and even a personalized one for CUA!

Howard University: Our neighboring college campus, often showing up on our Yik Yak, bringing a certain livelihood to our feed.

Internships: Everyone knows how important internships are in getting a career and what better place to land the perfect internship than in DC?

John Garvey: Our beloved president, whose dog, Gus, is the unofficial mascot of Catholic University.

Kane Center: The fitness center located in the heart of campus, which, besides housing a gym, offers several fitness classes and athletic-based excursions.

Landmark Conference: The Division III athletic conference the Catholic University Cardinals are a part of.

Monroe St. Market: The residential and commercial area south of campus, home to many upperclassmen, and future home of Chipotle!

Nakas: The Associate Vice President for public affairs, who students don’t usually pay attention to until there’s around three centimeters of snow on the ground.

Outside Philly: The response you will receive if you ask just about anyone at CUA where they hail from.

Pizza Boli’s: It would be a sin to not include Pizza Boli’s in the ABC’s because who hasn’t had a late night order of Boli’s?

Quiet Floor in Mullen: Technically the third floor, reserved for quiet study where, if you make any noises, including sneezing too loudly, you will be violently shushed.

Red Line: The Metro line serving CUA, essentially your gateway to just about anywhere in or around DC.

St. Patrick’s Day: What CUA is famous for (or infamous for, depending on who you ask), characterized by students skipping class (often with lame excuses) to go to a nearby party.

The Tower: Catholic’s student-run newspaper, founded in 1922.

Unanue House: A residential house in Centennial Village, whose name you will hear pronounced in at least five variations.

Vatican: Catholic University is unique, being the national university of the Catholic Church in the United States, receiving it’s charter from Pope Leo XIII in 1887.

Women’s Soccer: Catholic’s women’s soccer team took home the Landmark Championship, beating the University of Scranton last fall.

Xcited to go back: Because I am excited to go back and because there is literally nothing involving CUA that starts with the letter "X."

Youth Ministry: Often referred to as the “God Squad,” Campus Ministry is a very popular and active organization at CUA and hosts a lot of cool events that you should check out before you write off!

Zoo: Not only is the National Zoo awesome, but it’s free and on the Red Line! (Had very few options for Z, so give me this one).

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