Ever since the hype from the Royals’ almost happily ever after in 2014 to their Championship title in 2015, Kansas City, Missouri is no longer a fly-over town. So much buzz surrounds my stomping grounds, and honestly, I’m not sure why. Kansas City isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, in fact, here are seven reasons why the 816 81-sucks.

1. Our sports teams are finally a force to be reckoned with, which only means one thing, expensive ticket prices. I’m a college student ballin’ on a budget, how am I supposed to watch the reigning World Series champs, the wrecking ball that is Sporting Kansas City, and the fairly decent but always entertaining to tailgate Chiefs? It’s uncalled for.

2. The radio stations here always make for an entertaining car ride. 96.5 the Buzz, Hot 103 Jams, Jack FM, and all the country music you could want (if you’re into that kind of thing). What am I supposed to do on the drive back to school in Springfield? About 2 hours into the drive, the heartbreaking static takes over my beloved stations, and I don’t think anyone should have to experience that kind of heartbreak in the middle of The Church of Lazlo.

3. Along with costly sporting event tickets, there’s the vast amount of concerts that take place in some of the coolest venues like Sprint Center, Starlight Theatre, and the Midland. So many concerts, so little time, so little money. And my dad wonders why I’m always broke, hello, I haaaave to see Drake, Florence and the Machine, and the now two-day music festival, Buzz Beach Ball.

4. Being a college student, of course the freshman 15… or 20 have taken place. I’m trying to keep off the pounds, but how can I when there’s so many fabulous restaurants? Want some BBQ? You’re in the right place. Fancy Italian? Check out Garozzo’s by the river. Maybe a Hawaiian wrap? Longboards in Liberty is unbeatable.

5. As if the food variety was my only problem, there are also amazing coffee shops aka I can never sleep. Ever. Quay Coffee in the River Market is delicious, and in one of the coolest spots in the city. If I want to relax before not sleeping, I’ll usually stop by Kaldi’s in Briarcliff; it has one of the best views of downtown. But nothing beats a latte from Chez Elle Creperie. I’d drink them in my sleep if I could, oh wait, Kansas City never lets me sleep.

6. As if I haven’t spent enough of my savings, Kansas City has too much amazing shopping. High-end fashions and furnishings are found at the beautiful Country Club Plaza. Unique and eclectic shops find their home in Westport, such as It’s a Beautiful Day, Bunker, and Arizona Trading Company.

7. Kansas City is the reason for my lack of a savings, so sometimes I’d like to just relax at home with some Netflix. But when my dad tells me to get out of the house, I have no excuse not because there are so many places to go explore at little to no cost. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is located in the Plaza District with historical pieces, a whole addition dedicated to modern arts, and of course, the giant shuttlecocks in the yard, and yes, a visit is free. The WWI Museum located on the outskirts of downtown provides a look into the war, and also has the absolute best view of the city from the Liberty Memorial on top.

Crown Center not only has spectacular shopping, but also has Lego Land, an aquarium, and an ice skating rink around Christmas time, all at a low price. One of the best past times in KC is exploring. There’s impressive street art and street vendors, and who knows what else one could discover. All I know is, my Netflix is losing a lot of my attention, which is rather sad.

Some might think Kansas City is the place to be, but if you value sleep, time, money, and a figure, you should try to stay away at all costs, though I doubt most of you reading this will be able to.