The 7 Types Of People In The Airport

People say that if you enjoy people watching, go to the mall. Or to a park. But, I think the best place to people watch is the airport, and I feel at this point I have spent enough time in airports to be well enough informed on the different categories of humans in the airport.

1. The techie.

This is the person with a phone in one hand, a tablet in another, headphones on and a laptop bag slung over their shoulder. All they want is to find an open charging station -- because all of their electronics are for sure running on under 20%.

2. The well-seasoned traveler.

They can fit everything they need into a carry-on, they actually kind of look nice despite the long flights and they have one of those neck-pillow-things (that I am now planning to buy because they seem like a great investment). They travel all the time, and it shows. No speed bumps for them.

3. The napper.

They are asleep in the boarding area, they sleep in the plane, they take a power nap while waiting for everyone else to get off the plane. They probably slept in the car on the way to the airport; this person has no problem passing the travel time. They have forgone the neck-pillow-thing, and have gone straight for a full-size pillow, fleece blanket, hoodie and eye mask, AKA the airport type I aspire to be.

4. The kids that know what they're doing.

Probably the kids of well-seasoned travelers, these kids in the airport come equipped with SpongeBob rolling book bags, juice boxes and loads of food, snacks that are the envy of everyone in the airport, ready to nap within the first hour of takeoff. Another type I aspire to be, but unfortunately after age twelve or so, no one is constantly asking you if you want M&Ms or a pillow.

5. The businessperson.

Their only carry-on is a briefcase. Wearing a full suit or super professional-looking heels, coffee in hand, this person is probably a subsection of the well-season traveler. Just, like, one that makes you feel ashamed of the sweatpants and messy ponytail you're sporting.

6. The athlete.

This is the person (and quite typically group of people) who just got off a connecting flight that was late. And now they are running through the airport loaded down with bags and sometimes small children. You can only wish them well. The rest is in their hands (or feet in this case).

7. The one who packed too much.

Suitcase, carry-on and personal item bursting at the seams. This person always overpacks, and probably forgot something really important like their phone charger, so they have to buy one. This person is me. (Though I haven't had to buy a charger yet, but I expect something of the sort in the near future, if I'm being honest).

Happy summer and happy travels!

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