7 Signs He's Not Into You
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The 7 Telltale Signs He's Breaking Up With You

One of the least favorite parts of him.

The 7 Telltale Signs He's Breaking Up With You

Love doesn't grow on trees last I checked, but much like trees lovers sometimes feel the need to leave or find a new bud. Men have such a way with words that they can get their point across without even a mumble, or at least we think we can. Some bros require a brochure. Mark me, for I will list you tidbits of when a man is no longer interested in you.

He is less interested in your drawings

This one should be a no-brainer, and it is the clearest way a man will show his disinterest by, well, being less interested. When you used to show him your drawings his eyes would illuminate your view, a smile as wide as the one you gave him in your latest artwork. Now he glances at portraits with less than a flicker of satisfaction and a weary "thanks." I think you can draw your own conclusions as to what he really means.

He has started hiding the cookie jar

Messing around and pranking are fun parts of being in a relationship, but cookies are sacred ground. You know it, I know it, and you can bet your bottom dollar he knows it too. His willingness to put the cookie jar in places where the step stool don't shine is a signal that things are starting to become stale.

He never lets you win tug of war

Although men are known for their dominance, they can be gentle creatures. This translates into letting you win tests of strength such as tug of war so it feels more evenly matched and fun. But if he has been winning the war a little too decisively as of late, that might mean the battle for his heart has been lost.

You actually have to ask him for more juice

Every self-respecting lady deserves her routinely scheduled juice time. Although we live in a time where gender roles are outdated and frankly problematic, I am a firm believer that the man should be the primary juice provider in a functioning relationship. If your man brings you juice at your own idiosyncratic daily feedings, he loves you. If he can't even be bothered to poke the straw through the hole of your juice box, it might be time to have "the talk."

Timeouts have become the order of the day

This is one of the more hurtful shifts in your man's behavior, but it may be the most effective in letting you know he is no longer into you. Seldom is there a day where you aren't cast to the timeout chair, regardless of how naughty you're being. It's never my intention to alarm you, but studies have shown (and social media has proven) that 89% of partners in timeout are being cheated on or die within a year. Not saying either of these things will happen to you, but just something to consider.

The Skeleton is his phone background again

He's back

The Skeleton

Truly, it's the subtle things that have the most impact. Your loving face has been the wallpaper on his phone's home screen for as long as you can remember, but the last time you caught a peek it had suddenly been reverted to The Skeleton he had from before you were together. If this doesn't indicate something is wrong, I don't know what will.

He "jokes" about leaving you in a hot car

What's cooler than being cool? For starters, definitely not making light of people and animals being left in hot cars. Even if he is "joking" about it, you should run away if you hear any of this foul play. Grab your favorite blankie, your stuffie, your sippy, and hit the road.

I hate to break it to you, but if your man is doing any of these things, it might be the end of the line for you two. It is ultimately your decision how you want to handle this, but I suggest you do it before nap time because you're gonna be sleeping for a long time, honey.

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