The 6 Stages Of Procrastination

The 6 Stages Of Procrastination

The life of a college student is constantly filled with demands, and sometimes it's hard to know where to start.

We've all had those weeks when it feels like teachers have gotten together and made plans to make our lives as difficult as they possibly can. Whether we want to or not, we've all been guilty of procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to start working. We know all too well the steps we take to avoid the assignments we're given.

1. Optimism

Break out the colorful pens! It's time to make a detailed list of every assignment, quiz, test and event happening during the week. This is the go-to coping mechanism for when you're completely overwhelmed with everything being thrown at you. These lists give the illusion that you have your life together and help you to postpone the panic that happens as the deadlines start to creep up on you.

2. Distracting yourself with productive tasks

I am definitely guilty of procrastinating so hard that I loop back around to being productive. The busiest weeks are always when the most cleaning, organizing of my room and deleting of old junk-emails happen. I tell myself that, once my living space is clean and all my clothes are washed, I will be free to focus on the work that needs to be done. It seems like the perfect plan, right?

3. Flat-out avoidance

This is where Netflix comes into it. After all that hard work of cleaning and organizing, a break is well-deserved. The deadlines are still far enough away that I don't feel like I actually need to start working. I always tell myself that after a good TV binge and some time spent laying in bed, I will get up and dedicate myself to the work that needs to be done. I cannot tell you the number of times that I've made the promise of just watching one more episode. After a while though, I actually do force myself to stop.

4. Let's get down to business

Alright—it's time to get some caffeine, claim a spot at the library (even though I spent forever cleaning my room) and start on all this work. This is usually where I am on Thursdays since I only have two classes to go to. The environment is crucial for me during this stage. All of the color-coded planning I did at the start of the week actually comes in handy as well and helps to keep me from getting distracted between tasks. For a while, it seems like I might actually be able to pull this off.

5. Panic

It's getting later and later, and my brain is starting to lose its ability to concentrate on written words in a text book or the computer screen. The caffeine is wearing off, yet there are still chapters left to be studied and conclusion paragraphs that haven't been written. As I keep getting more and more stressed, my focus continues to drift away from the assignments that need to be done. All this stress makes me want to regress to the stage of flat-out avoidance, but the perfectionist in me won't let this happen. As much as I try to deny it, there are still quite a few hours of work ahead.

6. Never again

Time to take a breath. Somehow I managed to get all my work done. However, the relief cannot be enjoyed because I have to force myself to get up and go class. On the way, while drinking yet another cup of coffee, I make a vow to never ever do this to myself again. I go over the events of the past few days in my mind, picking apart all the times that I could have been being productive and adding hours on to my night's sleep. I do not always keep this promise to myself, but occasionally it does work and I do better at prioritizing the next time that I get bombarded with school work.

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23 Actual Quotes From Nursing Students

Behind the scenes at clinicals.

Many nursing students actively complain about the tortures of nursing school, but those on the outside may not know how stressful it is. Here are 23 fun quotes from actual nursing students that can give you an idea of what nursing school is really like:

1. "If I died and went to hell, it would take me a week to realize that I wasn't in nursing school anymore."

2. "My GPA is higher than the number of hours I sleep at night."

3. "Is it weird that I love nursing school, but it also makes me want to cry at the same time?"

4. "Can't I just learn everything I need to know from watching Grey's Anatomy?"

5. "I laid my practice catheter on my bed to scare away my roommate's boyfriend."

6. "My clinical badge picture actually makes me look like I am a serial killer."

7. "We are literally a cult, guys. We wear the same things and in order to be a nursing student, you have to pass certain tests that involve manipulating body parts and such."

8. "We only worked 12 hours on our 12-hour shift! This is a miracle."

9. "Wouldn't that be cool if we initiated IV bags full of Starbucks coffee into each other's bloodstreams?"

10. "Are you a pulmonary embolism? Because you make me breathless."

11. "I am never getting married because I stopped talking to boys when I entered nursing school."

12. "Everyone else gets to go out, go to the bars, go on dates, work out, go to the lake, but I am just sitting here trying to pass nursing school."

13. *Holds up blank piece of paper* "This is a picture of my current social life."

14. "I just want it to be the weekend so I can have free time to work on homework."

15. "For our tests, all the answers are correct. You just have to pick the BEST answer."

16. "All I want for my birthday is a lavender stethoscope with my name engraved on the bell."

17. "On a pain scale from 1-10, I would say that nursing school is a solid 11."

18. "Do these scrubs make me look fat?"

18. "I love the pockets on our scrubs! You can literally hold anything and everything. Maybe even a puppy so that you can take it out when you start to feel sad."

19. "It is really sad how I refer to life outside of nursing school as 'real life.'"

20. "Finals week is literally every week in nursing school. We haven't gone a week without a major test this entire semester."

21. "People only respect me when I am wearing scrubs."

22. "I have my friend groups clumped into two different groups: sorority friends and nursing friends."

23. "How is school going? Yeah, nursing school sucks, but it is so worth it."

Although a lot of these quotes seem to be negative, you need to remember that it is easier to complain about the bad than it is to praise about the good. Nursing school is pretty time-consuming, as well as mentally and physically exhausting, but I would not trade it for any other major. I am blessed to call myself a nursing student, and my nursing friends have turned into one of the biggest support systems that I have ever encountered.

Oh, and all these quotes are actually quotes from me, ha.

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I Don’t Want To Admit It, But Math IS Important

Liberal Arts majors, this one is for you.


I hate math with a passion. But I think it's necessary.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about confusing trigonometry or calculus. I'm talking about basic algebra, geometry, and other everyday math functions.

I was never an A+ math student. My dad used to be a high school math teacher, so luckily for me, if I was struggling in my math classes, I would just come home and ask Dad to "tutor" me or prep me for my tests. I feel bad for anyone who had/has a hard time with math and doesn't have such a resourceful person in their life, because I don't think I would've passed my classes without him.

Now, I haven't taken a math class in at least three or four years, but I know that being out in the workforce requires at least basic math skills. How come they teach us how to divide square roots and not applicable things like how to calculate a good tip (shameless plug - always tip your waiters at least 20%) or discounts?

There are so many necessary skills you'll use for your entire life that are not taught in schools.

Long ago when I was in 3rd grade, one of my teachers read us a book called "A Day Without Math." The book basically went through a school day where there was no math. People couldn't see what speed their car was going, cash registers didn't work, clocks were nonexistent...basically, the entire world shut down. Whenever I was frustrated and angry about my math class or a certain problem, I tried to remember that book. As much as I despised going to a math class only to leave in frustration, I knew it was for my own good.

Because when you think about it, our world really wouldn't function without math!

I wish math classes would've focused on the usefulness and practicality of their teachings instead of what was written in the textbook. Having a dad who worked in the school system, I understood that the teachers had to follow a certain curriculum, so in a way, their hands were tied. But then the issue simply gets passed higher and higher up until you reach the people creating the textbooks and curriculum school systems buy and use.

Maybe there's something we can do, whether it's petitioning for more teaching kids more usable math skills or continuously asking your teachers why you're learning what you're learning. Advocate for yourself and for future generations to learn the skills necessary to survive in our modern world, but at the same time remember that the problem doesn't necessarily stem from teachers but the curriculum being decided at levels far above their pay grade.

Moral of the story - even though I know a good majority of us (especially us liberal arts majors) are not fans of mathematics, let's work on learning and remembering the basics so our world can keep on turning.

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