The 5 Stages Of Going Back To School After Break
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Student Life

The 5 Stages Of Going Back To School After Break

Leaving Home... Part 2

The 5 Stages Of Going Back To School After Break

Everyone enjoys a nice long break, especially when it involves food and holidays and family. Inevitably time off from school always flies by, and even more so when you're enjoying yourself. But it's nearing that time when we must pack our bags and say our farewells to journey back to school for another four months of torture - I mean, education! After being home for so long (let's be real guys, a month is like a quarter of a semester!), it almost feels as though we're about to move out all over again. Below are just several of the stages of this process:

1. The Commencement:

The slew of emotions in this phase is ridiculous! You're excited to be heading back to school, but also sad to leave your comfortable, spacious room at home. You're looking forward to seeing your friends again, and also dreading the start of classes. However, the busywork of organizing and packing your things distracts the mind from spilling over with this overflow of feelings. Plus, after a month at home you're definitely ready for some space from your loving yet obnoxious family.

2. The Journey:

Let's hope that last stage was filled with activity for you, because this is the most boring stage ever. For those of us not blessed with being a commuter, the hours-long trip back to school proves a great test of patience and endurance. The endless traffic jams and sometimes ignorant drivers on the road will ensure you are exhausted before the next semester ever starts!

3. The Arrival:

Once you finally reach your destination, as if the driving wasn't tedious enough, now begins the hauling bags and unpacking. And just as you begin to wonder why you were ever excited to come back, your best friend texts you to hang out and that rush of excitement and familiarity returns.

4. The Adjustment:

Once you're unpacked and you've seen your friends and all is right with the world, you have to get ready for classes, which most likely start in a day or two. Picking up textbooks and finding all your classes will drain much of your previous enthusiasm, but walking around campus again and seeing all those familiar faces will make it seem like you never left.

5. The Inevitable:

After a week or two back at school, when the dust settles and the syllabi are set aside, it truly feels as though you never left, leaving you wishing that you could. Real classes and lectures and adult responsibilities occupy most of your waking life, and you begin the countdown for next break.

Despite the anxiety, the excitement, the sadness, and many tears that may be experienced through this process, one thing is certain - break is nearing an end. So enjoy the time left with your family and begin the mental and emotional preparation for next semester!

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