The 5 Rules Of Classroom Etiquette

There aren't that many rules for going to class. You brought McDonalds? Everyone is jealous because you are so smart. Are you going to spend the entire class time chugging coffee? We've all been there. Pajamas? Perfectly acceptable. But, there are a few things we can all agree on when it comes to classroom etiquette.

1. Please sit in your unassigned assigned seat.

Actual conversation I had this week: (Thanks, Ariana)

And then:

Where we sit on the first day of class is where we should sit for the rest of the semester, so please don't make it confusing by sitting in a different place. If you sit in my seat, I'll have to sit in someone else's seat and then I'll feel so guilty. And while this doesn't necessarily extend to lecture halls, it just seems like a good idea to sit in the same areas.

2. Help out those of us who haven't finished the reading.

If you have done the reading, please, please, please speak up in class when the professor asks questions. Or else, they will ask random people questions and one of those random people might be me, who hasn't finished the reading yet.

3. Don't eat anything loud.

This one's pretty self-explanatory. Eat as much as you'd like during class, but please just don't be loud. Especially if the professor is soft-spoken.

4. Bring an extra blue book and an extra pen.

This one is not necessarily a rule, but it is the fastest way to make friends. Every exam, there is at least one person who forgets to bring a blue book, and if you're there to swoop in and save the day, you know there is always one person you can ask for their notes if you're ever out sick.

5. Don't ask extra questions during class.

If you want to talk further about something, please wait until after class is dismissed. There's nothing worse than the possibility of getting out early, and then someone asking a question that keeps us until the last minute. Please. Just don't.

Most of us abide by these rules, but if you do not, now is the time to turn a new leaf. Have a great rest of the semester; we've only got two more months!

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