Finals week is very stressful, and some people tend to handle the stress a lot better than others. The library is certainly an interesting spot during finals week, and the people who you see there can be placed into five different categories.

The Procrastinators

This person will be doing activities such as shopping online or watching Netflix. Honestly, the procrastinator will find ANYTHING more interesting than studying.

The Ideal Students

The one who is efficiently studying. These are the people who everyone aims to be like.

The Sleepers

Sometimes, the stress gets to you, and the only thing that can help is sleep. Plus, you never know how long the sleeper has been at the library for; maybe they’re going on their 12th hour of studying and it’s just time for a nap.

The Social Butterflies

The people who form study groups only to get distracted the whole time, resulting in zero studying being completed.

The Dramatic Ones

These are the people who shed tears as they flip through piles of flashcards. They often say things such as “I’m dropping out” and “maybe living in a cardboard box won’t be so bad”.

Though the stress may get to many people during finals week, we can rejoice in the fact that we will all survive this, even if it doesn’t seem that way right now.