The Stages of Registration

The Stages of Registration

Just like Dorothy, this week we ventured out into unforeseen territory: fall semester.

Sammy Nickalls (Hello Giggles)

The time has come to register for yet another batch of classes. Yes, of course this semester/quarter, let’s be honest, an entire year went by faster than you can click your heels and deport yourself home to a leisure filled three months of summer vacation. But before we segue into the storm that is finals, we first have to plan our future. Well, our near futures. As we travel along the yellow brick road that is class registration, we experience a range of emotions trying to get what we want from the man behind the curtain, Mr. Oz.

1. Opening up your portal and becoming suddenly overwhelmed with an obscene amount of opportunities.

There is so much to learn!

2. Feeling your heart race when you realize you want to take all of these classes.

Deep down inside you know it’s going to be rough.

3. Taking a deep breath and telling yourself you can handle it.

At maximum credit? No big deal – you’ll survive, maybe.

4. Getting excited again and putting everything that looks even remotely interesting in your cart.

Thinking about how much fun you're going to have in these classes and ignoring the fact that you may have three midterms in one day.

5. Facing disappointment via Rate My Professor.

Thought that World Cultures in Religion class looked interesting? Not according to past students.

6. Finding out the best professors only offer class at 8 a.m.

And that those are usually the best options left.

7. Sucking it up and convincing yourself that waking up early is worth it for a professor who is supposedly life changing.

...said the stranger behind a computer screen.

8. Taking a step back and realizing six classes in one day is, well, difficult.

Nope. Not going to happen.

9. Asking everyone around you their thoughts on this traumatic time in your life.

"SOS, I need your help. I can’t do this alone.”

10. Realizing the decisions are ultimately up to you.

Your future, your choices!

11. Gathering the courage to decide on the chosen ones.

All the whilst feeling a sense of empowerment.

12. Even though you enrolled in a few extra classes just to keep them around.

It's okay, we won't tell anyone.

13. Getting ready to enroll.

Hello, new year! I'm here! (Please don't waitlist me!)

14. Finding out you are waitlisted for half of your classes.

..even though they were just available.

15. Remembering life doesn't always work out the way we want it to.

Even though you are determined to snatch the ones that got away in hopes that they’ll become available.

Remind yourself now that things will work out. After all, we are in college, the place where we are supposed to discover our passions and develop our ideas about the world. What better way to do so then grabbing all the opportunities you can get your hands on? That is, if those classes are still available by the time you enroll. Happy registering!

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