The 13 Best 'How I Met Your Mother' Episodes Of All Time

The 13 Best 'How I Met Your Mother' Episodes Of All Time

Each episode is more legendary than the last.

"How I Met Your Mother" was one of the most popular sitcoms on CBS. To this day, the show continues to gain new fans through Netflix and other streaming websites. Because the series is so iconic, I decided to make a list of the all-time best episodes. While it was tough to narrow it down to only 13 episodes, here is my list of the 13 HIMYM episodes I feel are the best of the best.

13. "Blitzgiving" from Season 6

In order to start cooking Thanksgiving dinner, Ted leaves his friends at MacLaren's with the Blitz. The Blitz is an old college friend who is known for having bad luck, and when Ted leaves them all together, he misses out on what seems to be the craziest night. All afraid of experiencing serious FOMO, no one wants to split off from the group in case something extraordinary happens. In addition, Thanksgiving just isn't going as planned, and no one is able to host except for Ted's arch-nemesis, Zoey.

12. "Sorry, Bro" from Season Four

This episode brings the return of Ted's overly pretentious college girlfriend named Karen. Lily and Marshall don't have very fond memories of Karen for a number of reasons, including the fact that she cheated on Ted several times during their relationship. However, the group learns that Ted has met up with Karen for lunch and has started seeing her again.

11. "Ten Sessions" from Season Three

Ted goes to the clinic in order to remove his butterfly tramp stamp (long story), and ends up developing a crush on his doctor, Stella. Ted tries asking her out on a date every session, but Stella declines every time due to her doctor's guidelines. After his 10 sessions of tattoo removal are over, he asks her out again. However, this time she doesn't say no, simply that she just didn't have time to date. Then, being the hopeless romantic he is, Ted takes Stella on the cutest two-minute date ever, earning this episode a spot at No. 11.

10. "Girls Versus Suits" from Season Five

The 100th episode of HIMYM complete with a musical number. What more could you ever ask for?

9. "Intervention" from Season Four

This episode is the start of one of the show's running jokes: the intervention banner. Whenever one member of the group did something the others found annoying, (Lily speaking in a terrible English accent, Robin's addiction to self-tanning lotion) they'd hang the intervention banner up and "intervene." The last time the intervention banner was seen was during Barney's intervention when it caught on fire (he was obsessed with magic tricks that involved a lot of flames). However, during the episode, Ted is packing up his things in preparation for his move to New Jersey with Stella when he finds a new intervention banner tucked away in one of the boxes. He then finds out that his friends had at one point planned a "Stella intervention" because they thought she wasn't the right girl for him.

8. "How I Met Everyone Else" from Season Three

The episode starts with Ted bringing in his new girlfriend, who says they met at a French cooking class when they actually met through an online dating site. From this interaction, Barney's legendary Hot/Crazy scale is born. Lily and Marshall get into the story of how they met and how Ted came to know her, because he was Marshall's college roommate. In this episode, we also learn how Barney and Ted met: at the bar, and Barney recruits Ted to act as his deaf brother, Edward, in order to get a girl.

7. "Legendaddy" from Season Six

Barney finally learns who his real father is.

6. "Game Night" from Season One

In "Game Night," we learn the origins of Barney Stinson. He wasn't always the legendary, suit-wearing businessman we know. During this episode, Barney tells the group about his hippie days when he worked in a coffee shop and planned to enter the Peace Corps with his girlfriend, Shannon.

5. "Doppelgängers" from Season Five

Throughout the series, the audience learns that some of the friends have doppelgängers running around the city. At this point in time, they've encountered Stripper Lily, Mexican Wrestler Ted, Lesbian Robin, and Moustache Marshall. The only one they haven't seen is Barney's doppelgänger. Lily takes this as a sign from the universe and decides that she and Marshall would be ready to have a baby, but only after they've seen the Barney doppelgänger.

4. "The Best Burger in New York" from Season Four

When Marshall first got to New York eight years ago, he had the best burger of his life. In this episode, he attempts to retrace his steps all over the city in order to find that perfect sandwich. During his journey, he runs into Regis Philbin, who also just so happens to be looking for that burger.

3. "Arrivederci, Fiero" from Season Two

Marshall's Pontiac Fiero is about to hit 200,000 miles. No one can really believe the car has lasted that long, but Marshall is ready to surpass 200,000 miles, and even has cigars in his glovebox ready to celebrate. However, before the 200,000 mile mark is reached, the Fiero breaks down and Marshall realizes it's time to say goodbye. Everyone tells their favorite stories about the Fiero, and we learn about the time Ted taught Barney how to drive. Also "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers. Need I say more?

2. "The Playbook" from Season Five

Barney Stinson's legendary playbook. In this episode, we get an inside look at the playbook and the different plays Barney has used throughout the years to get women.

1. "Slap Bet" from Season Two

Without a doubt, "Slap Bet" is the greatest HIMYM episode of all time. We get introduced to the Slap Bet as well as Robin Sparkles' No. 1 hit, "Let's Go to the Mall."

Cover Image Credit: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

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